Rogers Evans AM Speech During Mayors Question Time

Roger Evans AM for Havering and Redbridge discusses the issues he has with the proposed budget amendments from the Liberal Democrats (at 0:10), Green (at 1:32), and Labour party (at 2:30). He speaks of the parties wish to raise and extend the congestion charge, and the missing information on how the Labour Party is to support its new fares deal.


These are the GLA Conservatives Campaigns past and present. Each Campaign is led by a Conservative London Assembly Members. Some are actively being pursued, some have been successfully completed. Click on the campaign link to get multi-media information on each.

Boris Johnson's MQT Speech

Mayors Question Time Speech Mayor Boris Johnson Wednesday, 25 January 2012 Value for money and freezing the precept Good morning This administration has been dedicated to delivering value for Londoners’ money, and to leading the city to a strong economic recovery. You must remember that in the last four years we have not only been dealing with the deepest recession for 50 years. We have…