“Publish worst performing bus companies and routes quarterly”

Shocking figures reveal 1,889 people have been killed or seriously injured in an accident involving a London bus in the last five years¹.

In a new report ‘Clear Road Ahead: Bus collisions and the need for transparency’, GLA Conservatives transport spokesman, Richard Tracey, is urging transport bosses to publish the worst performing bus companies and routes on a quarterly basis.

Richard Tracey:

“These figures are alarming and they remain stubbornly high. TfL needs to urgently become more transparent around its safety figures. Despite persistent questioning for several months, they have not yet been able to provide borough by borough breakdowns for recent serious incidents involving their own buses. TfL should at once publish – in full on a quarterly basis – the number of fatal and major accidents involving buses and the worst performing bus companies and routes. They should also conduct and publish an immediate audit and identify particular hot spots for accidents and see what can be done to make London’s roads safer.”



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¹ The figures were provided by TfL in August 2013 under the Freedom of Information Act and cover a five year period 2008/09 – 2012/13