– Sadiq Khan admits he ‘would not endorse or condone’ Amy Lamé posts
– Refuses to be criticised on third-party payment

The Mayor of London has reiterated his backing for controversial Night Czar Amy Lamé despite her ‘gratuitously offensive’ tweets and questionable tax affairs.

At Mayor’s Question Time, Sadiq Khan admitted he ‘would not endorse or condone’ many of her most offensive online comments but insisted her appointment was the right one.

He also refused to accept criticism for the fact Lamé is being paid through her personal services company, which last year paid no income tax.

London Assembly Member Gareth Bacon said:

“By continuing to back Amy Lamé as his Night Czar, Sadiq Khan is endorsing her gratuitously offensive online profile and questionable tax arrangements.

“The Mayor has previously sacked an aide for similarly offensive tweets, yet he seems willing to apply double standards to someone who coincidentally fundraised and campaigned for him in the run-up to the election.

“Paying Ms Lamé through her private company raises further questions and leaves a sour taste for the taxpayer.

“The upcoming investigation will further examine the process of her appointment and I hope we get some better answers than the Mayor was able to provide today.”