Turnham Green cover

New report calls for TfL to institute change by January 2014 to satisfy 6 million footfall

A new report “All Aboard at Turnham Green” has called on the Mayor and Transport for London to include Turnham Green as a stop on the Piccadilly Line from January 2014. Turnham Green has an annual footfall of 6 million, which is greater than both Hyde Park and Mansion House in zone 1.

Tony Arbour, Conservative Assembly Member for Hounslow and author of the report said:

“This provides statistical backing making the case for Turnham Green to be a regular stop on the Piccadilly Line to cope with  overcrowding at the station. There is a significant movement locally pushing for this vital change to the Underground timetable. Turnham Green has an annual footfall of 6 million which rivals a number of zone 1 stations, and the additional journey times for passengers at neighbouring stations would be minimal. I am calling for Transport for London to seriously consider introducing this service so thousands of my constituents don’t have to travel directly out of their way to get into town”.



Click here to download the report

Or can be accessed or shared with www.glaconservatives.co.uk/tg