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The GLA Conservatives are looking for a new dynamic, forward thinking Senior Researcher for Crime and Policing in London. The person must be able to work on their own in creating original research that sets the debate on crime and policing in London.

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The Members of the GLA Conservatives produce one report a month on issues of interest to London that fall within the remit of the work of the Mayor of London. As the Senior Researcher for Crime and Policing you will be expected to produce at least one substantial report a year – most Senior Researchers produce two or three. Here are some examples of past reports:

“Home Safe Home”, proposes setting up a pilot of Canadian-style “Safe Houses” in five small communities across the Capital. Under the scheme, local people, who have been security checked and interviewed, could open up their homes to children and older people if they are in trouble. Known as “Block Parents”, volunteers would sign up to the scheme at their local police station and go through enhanced security checks.

This report is about the 23K (23,237) cases in London’s Crown and Magistrates courts that were dropped or delayed in 2012. Failings by the prosecution and court system were to blame for four in ten (9,560) thrown out or delayed cases in the Capital, working out at 184 every week. London was the worst performing region when it came to cases being delayed (16% of cases at Crown Courts and 20% at Magistrates Court level classed as ‘ineffective’).

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This report focuses on what the police can to do to make sex workers safer within the confines of the law. He has found evidence that sex workers are reporting fewer crimes to police and that raids have gone up in some parts of London. His recommendations include focusing more resource on non-organised sex trafficking that takes place outside of the sex industry and including sex workers in police strategies which involve them.


Day to Day Support

They will be working to the GLA Conservative spokesman for Crime and Policing directly as well as supporting all the Members with issues relating to their constituencies. They will continually brief all Members on issues relating to Crime and Policing as well as providing briefings for committees, Mayor’s Questions and People’s Question Time. Here are some examples of press releases based on this day to day support:


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