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James Cleverly says the Metropolitan Police need New York style Predictive Crime Mapping –

At the Police and Crime Plenary, Assembly Member James Cleverly will call on Boris Johnson to radically improve the Met’s intelligence system and introduce predictive crime mapping* in London.

Commenting, James Cleverly AM said,

“Money needs to be targeted at systems that can achieve more for less. Predictive crime mapping is a computer programme which allows police to turn up at an event and prevent a crime before it even happens. It’s welcomed by civil liberties groups as a successful, non-intrusive form of intelligence. And it will mean that we are one step ahead of criminals.

“There is a lot of evidence from the USA that, where predictive crime mapping has been used, crime can be significantly cut. These kinds of results cannot be ignored; so I am calling on the Mayor to test out this system in London.”

* IT software that tries to determine where crimes will occur in different parts of a city. The computer program aggregates huge amounts of information from past and present crime records to real-time data from patrols. Then dots map with zones where offence is likely to occur, detailing possible nature of future