Today at the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee, Deputy Mayor Victoria Borwick asked the Commissioner to introduce a Smartphone app ‘Met Police Beat’ which allows you to follow, contact and rate your Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT).

Commenting Victoria Borwick said,

“This app could prove to be a ground-breaking way to re-connect communities with their local police.

“Surrey police have a Smartphone App which allows the public to connect with their local SNTs. It makes the police far more accessible as it provides residents with local crime information and informs them what local police are focusing on at any moment. It also, impressively, gives local people the opportunity to have a say over local priorities and be actively involved.

“Only last week an entire neighbourhood team was sacked in Bromley after it was revealed that they wiled away each day playing cards. These kinds of stories taint local police teams; but the problem is we often aren't aware of what our local police actually do.

“Most SNT police are very hard-working and this App will ensure we know what police are doing each day. And if we don’t like what they are doing, we can let them know!”