Roger Evans
Roger Evans: "As I have discussed in the past I think Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology has great promise and yesterdays Metropolitan Police action was more proof of that"

The Met have stated that after yesterday's operation Big Wing, which used ANPR technology, 600 people were arrested as of midnight for various offenses some of which were quite serious. Operation Big Wing is an example of the Met making the most of its personnel with modern technology and visible policing.
The Transcript from the Wednesday 17 October 2012 London Assembly Mayor's Question Time Question 2967/2012 (ANPR camera check points)

Roger Evans (AM): Do you agree that ANPR camera checkpoints, successfully organised as part of the Met’s Operation Pegasus, should become a regular operational fixture?

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): Thank you very much, Roger. The automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system I think is excellent. We did make a commitment to use it. The Metropolitan Police Service, as a result of ANPR, made 1,500 arrests last year for offences including robbery and firearms, drug trafficking and serious sexual offences and since October 2011 37,000 uninsured cars have been seized and quite a few of them crushed. So I think it is a highly effective system.

Roger Evans (AM): Thank you, Mayor, that is a reassuring answer. I spent an interesting and slightly alarming Saturday night with Councillor Filly Maravala who represents Loxford ward, in the south of Ilford, looking at our red light area and clearly there are a lot of problems there with people visiting the area that we do not want with drug dealing, with prostitution and anti-social behaviour. Do you think that this is an ideal place to introduce ANPR to discourage the people who are visiting that area and causing crime from coming back in future?

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): Well it is a very interesting thought. It seems to me that there may be all sorts of other crimes that you could intercept by using ANPR in such a context. It is something that I am certainly happy to take up with the borough commander and with the police.