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Uber licence: Statement from Andrew Boff AM

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– Mayor refuses to renew private hire firm’s licence
– Puts 40,000 people out of work with ruling
– Decision causes ‘major reputational damage’ to London

Commenting on the Mayor of London’s decision not to renew Uber’s licence to operate in the capital, London Assembly member Andrew Boff said:


"This is a hugely damaging decision by Sadiq Khan that will effectively put 40,000 people out of work at the click of a finger.

"The Mayor consistently tells us London is open but in shutting down the operations of an innovative market leader like Uber he has caused immense reputational damage to our city as a global business hub.

"With 3.5million registered users – almost half the city's adult population – Uber has shown to be providing a hugely beneficial service to Londoners.

"Sadiq Khan has ignored their needs and instead believed the smears and propaganda propagated by Uber's rivals.

"Yes there are elements of the industry that need tweaking, yes there needs to be a reduction of bureaucracy for black cab drivers, but snuffing out the competition at the expense of thousands of employees and millions of customers is not the solution."

On the issue of safety, he added: “All allegations around passenger safety, especially those alleging assault, have to be taken seriously and referred to the police but I would expect the same standard to apply to all operators.

“In addition, TfL must answer questions about why its background checks on licence applicants appear to be failing. Uber provides the platform but it is TfL that conducts checks on the drivers.”

Metropolitan Line Extension £50million short of budget

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– Letter confirms project may stall if additional cash is not found
– Mayor’s fares policy could be putting £284million project at risk

Officials at Transport for London have confirmed the Metropolitan Line Extension is £50million short of funding.

The £284million project is set to connect the Metropolitan Line from Croxley to several new stations across Watford. The project received £49million from the previous Mayor of London, but recent cost projections by TfL show that £50million more will be required before it can progress.

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TfL fares income down £90M due to fewer passenger journeys

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Transport for London has revealed its fares income is down £90million in the year-to-date, raising serious questions about the Mayor’s ability to balance the books.

Figures released at the February TfL board meeting show income shortfalls across all forms of transport;
Overall fares income down £90million due to lower passenger volumes
London Underground down £43million due to 14 million fewer passenger journeys than budgeted
Bus fares income down £51million in the year to date as passenger volumes affected by congestion
London Overground down £7million due to 4 million fewer passenger journeys than budgeted
Congestion Charge income down £6million due to lower volumes of chargeable vehicles (most likely people modernising cars)

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Nominee passes now costing TfL over £33million a year

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– Travel perk grants free travelcards for flatmates of TfL staff
– Mayor urged to give firefighters free travel instead at a fraction of the cost

A perk that grants free travel to the flatmates of TfL staff now costs London taxpayers over £33million a year in lost revenue, research shows.

London Assembly member Keith Prince wants the Mayor to scrap the ‘ridiculous and unnecessary’ bonus and instead offer firefighters free travel at a fraction of the cost.

TfL currently allows staff to hand out free travelcards to friends, lodgers, family members or anyone else living at their address(1) at a cost of £33.3million(2) a year.

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Commuters set to pay for Mayor’s reckless TfL Business Plan

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Piccadilly Line upgrades pushed back four years
Long term borrowing up 46%
27% increase in long-term liabilities
Overly optimistic predictions on efficiency savings

Commuters are in for a rough four years after the Mayor of London’s TfL business model revealed plans for reckless borrowing and delayed investment.

Commenting, Conservative London Assembly member Keith Prince said:

“Since May we’ve seen the Mayor making wild spending promises with little real hint of how he's going to balance the books.

“Now we know why – he's going to leave the books resolutely unbalanced. This is the business plan of a one-term Mayor who is desperate to keep the show on the road for 4 years with no real thought for how to cope after May 2020.

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Statement on Mayor’s official confirmation of his TfL ‘fares freeze’

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– Signing-off of plans spells uncertainty for transport network

Conservative London Assembly member Keith Prince said:

“So the Mayor’s ‘fares freeze’ is now official – ‘officially’ leaving TfL with a £640million black hole in its budget, ‘officially’ slashing investment in London’s transport network and ‘officially’ providing no benefit whatsoever to hundreds of thousands of travelcard holders who do not qualify.

“Sadiq Khan has so far been unable to provide any answers as to how he intends to cover the cost of this vain gesture, making his pledge meaningless.

“Some Londoners may well avoid a small increase in their travel costs in the short term, but in the long term all of us will pay for this disastrous policy.”

Tube strikes: London faces Groundhog Day unless the Mayor intervenes

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– Binding arbitration the best solution, says London Assembly member

Responding to the announcement by the RMT that its members voted in favour of strike action on the tube in the run up to Christmas, Conservative London Assembly member Keith Prince said:

“Once again London is being cynically held to ransom by the unions at a time designed to inflict the highest possible damage. How much longer before we say enough is enough?

“The Mayor needs to prevent another tube strike Groundhog Day by backing plans for binding pendulum arbitration, forcing both sides to act as reasonably as possible during negotiations and preventing strikes.

“Londoners do not deserve to be used as pawns in petty industrial disputes. Mayor has a duty to intervene.”

Routemaster conductor cuts ‘just the beginning’

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Mayor’s failed £640m fares freeze hits popular service

Conservative London Assembly member Keith Prince has criticised Sadiq Khan’s plans to remove conductors from Routemaster bus services and eliminate the hop-on, hop-off feature of the service.

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Night Tube: Met urged to keep the peace at outer London stations

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The Mayor and Metropolitan Police Commissioner must reassure Londoners that quieter parts of London included in the upcoming Night Tube will not be blighted by increases in anti-social behaviour, says Steve O’Connell

The Night Tube, set to start operation on 19 August, will be transporting thousands of late night revellers to areas of outer London that currently experience low levels of anti-social behaviour.

Even with the announced increased policing presence focused in and around certain Night Tube ‘red stations’, Assembly Member O’Connell believes the Mayor and Met Commissioner should also detail how they intend to keep the peace in quieter areas of outer London.

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