“London top official salaries should be comparable to New York”, as Transport Commissioner takes home £350k a year

Top London public sector managers are paid double compared to their New York counterparts, according to research carried out by GLA Conservative London Assembly Member, Andrew Boff.

London’s Transport Commissioner is paid almost £350k a year, compared to £120k for this equivalent in NYC.

Andrew Boff is urging for a comparative study to be conducted to help set pay rates for senior managers of the GLA Group.

Speaking before the meeting Andrew Boff said:

“We are not against paying the market rate for senior managers, especially when you want to attract the best to help run our city’s infrastructure. That said, at face value there seems to be a large disparity between the basic package of NYC bosses and those in London. I will be recommending that going forward, any remuneration consultation will contain a comparative study of other world cities such as New York”.


London: Potential top earnings* NYC: Basic salary package of officials
Sir Peter Hendy, TfL Commissioner:
£652,000 (basic salary £348,444)
Transport Commissioner:
$205,180 (£120k)
Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Met Police
Commissioner: £281,000 (basic salary)
Police Commissioner:
$205,180 (£120k)
Dennis Hone, Current CEO LLDC:
President of Economic Development Corp:
$204,899 (£120k)

(including bonuses for tfl officials as a result of Olympic related rewards)
Wednesday 23rd July 2014 – 2.30pm: Andrew will make his recommendations at today’s Oversight Committee, at City Hall. Guests include: Jeff Jacobs, Head of Paid Service, Daniel Moylan, Vice Chair, TfL Renumeration Committee, Bill Cockburn, Former Chair of the Senior Salaries Review Body and David Pyper, Assocciate Director, Hay Group.

London: Potential top earnings (including bonuses for tfl officials as a result of Olympic related rewards)
· Sir Peter Hendy, TfL Commissioner: £652,000 (basic salary £348,444)
· Andrew Wolstenholme, Crossrail chief executive: £577,000
· Andy Mitchell, Crossrail programme director: £552,000
· Mike Brown, TfL MD rail and underground: £476,000
· Steve Allen, TfL MD finance: £451,000
· Howard Carter, TfL general counsel: £371,000
· Vernon Everitt, TfL MD marketing and comms: £364,000
· Leon Daniels, TfL MD surface transport: £328,000
· Philip Hifton, LU asset performance director: £319,000
· David Waboso, LU director of capital programmes: £316,000
· Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Metropolitan Police Commissioner: £281,000

Basic salary package NYC officials: Source
· Transport Commissioner $205,180
· Police Commissioner $205,180
· President of Economic Development Corp $204,899