5k incidents of physical assault, threats with a weapon and verbal abuse in 3 years – targeted sting operations would act as deterrent

Four bus drivers are attacked every day in London.

Figures uncovered by GLA Conservatives crime spokesman, Roger Evans, show 4,967 incidents were reported between 2010 and 2013.

Four in ten (38%) incidents involve bus drivers being either physically assaulted or threatened with a weapon.

Roger Evans:

“The number of bus drivers facing physical attack or verbal abuse on London’s bus network is alarming. Nobody should have to put up with threats or violence while doing their job. I fully appreciate that money has been invested in patrols on our buses by the police however we need to go further. First, I urge a full review of policing across all of our public transport to make sure we are targeting resources in the right area. Next, we should carry out well publicised sting operations with plain clothed officers which would act as a deterrent for those who think it’s acceptable to abuse bus drivers.”

The figures remain stubbornly high despite police patrolling the network, both in uniform and in plain clothes. 2010 saw 1,471 incidents, this rose to 1,864 in 2011, whilst 1632 were recorded for 2012/13.