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July MQT Summary –

This month MQT (4th July 2012) included some very interesting questions regarding Prioritising investigations, Cleaning up the A12, and Stopping Metal Theft in London. We have compiled three summary videos of these questions, and hope to compile some more video's on the other questions asked to the Mayor by the GLA Conservatives. For the full list of our questions with a short description read our post.

Prioritising investigations


Prioritising investigations
Question No: 2027 / 2012
Victoria Borwick

I welcome the news that the Metropolitan Police Service will now offer all victims of crime a home visit by a police officer. However since the majority of crimes are committed by a minority of people, will this new focus ensure, not only a police visit, but that less crimes are now “screened out” from being fully investigated?


Cleaning up the A12

A12 Olympic Clean Up
Question No: 2053 / 2012
Roger Evans

The A12 through Havering and Redbridge along with major junctions at Gants Hill, Gallows Corner and Redbridge Roundabout, will be a gateway route for many spectators travelling to The Games. The condition of the roadside leaves much to be desired with weeds, litter and grafitti creating a poor impression for our visitors. What steps are being taken to clean up the road before the Games begin?


Stopping Metal Theft in London

Metal Task force
Question No: 2049 / 2012
James Cleverly

How has metal theft been affected since the creation of the MPS unit to tackle metal theft last year?


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