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July Mayors Question Time – Question List –

On 4th July 2012, the London Assembly will hold it’s monthly Mayor’s Question Time. Assembly Members from all parties will pose question’s to Boris Johnson regarding matters that are important to Londoners.
Below are the oral questions tabled by the GLA Conservative Group for the July Mayors Question Time.
The GLA Conservatives have asked the Mayor to update the Assembly regarding the future of the South London Health Trust, and will ask the Mayor to lobby the Secretary of State and the Department of Health to commit to keeping Queen Mary’s Hospital in operation in Sidcup. This is Bexley’s only hospital and there are plans to create a health campus on the site.



Olympic Torch Relay
Question No: 2023 / 2012
Andrew Boff

How will you ensure that it is local community champions that carry the Olympic Torch when it reaches London on 21 July, and not employees of companies who have paid for the opportunity to carry the flame through their sponsorship deals with LOCOG or the IOC?

Andrew will argue that the torch should be carried through London by community champions not corporate sponsors.

Prioritising investigations
Question No: 2027 / 2012
Victoria Borwick

I welcome the news that the Metropolitan Police Service will now offer all victims of crime a home visit by a police officer. However since the majority of crimes are committed by a minority of people, will this new focus ensure, not only a police visit, but that less crimes are now “screened out” from being fully investigated?

Victoria will be holding the Mayor to account regarding the screening out of crimes, and push for full investigations.

Electronic tagging
Question No: 2028 / 2012
Tony Arbour

Following the Steven Grisales murder case, will the sentencing unit be investigating the failings in the current electronic tagging system?

Tony will be asking what the Mayor can do to improve the system of tagging in light of statistics that claim 59% of those tagged, break their curfew.

Riot policing
Question No: 2030 / 2012
Steve O’Connell

What changes have been made to policing to ensure the riots are never repeated?

Steve O’Connell will raise issues relating to last year’s riots, what has been done to date, and what is planned for the future. Steve’s constituency of Croydon was on of the worst hit last year.

Diamond Jubilee lessons for Olympic transport (1)
Question No: 2043 / 2012
Richard Tracey

What lessons for the Olympics have been learnt from the transport problems during the Diamond Jubilee?

Richard will ask questions relating to London’s preparedness for the increase in commuters/travellers during the Olympics, and what lessons have been learned by the failure of some public transport, such as the overland rail services to cope with the Jubilee weekend.

Freedom Pass
Question No: 2048 / 2012
Richard Tracey

Can the Mayor confirm whether TfL and London Councils are still on track to return the Freedom Pass’s age of eligibility to 60 by September?

Richard will ask the Mayor to commit to finding the money to extend the Freedom Pass through TfL funds and not ask for more money from the overstretched budgets of local councils.

A12 Olympic Clean Up
Question No: 2053 / 2012
Roger Evans

The A12 through Havering and Redbridge along with major junctions at Gants Hill, Gallows Corner and Redbridge Roundabout, will be a gateway route for many spectators travelling to The Games. The condition of the roadside leaves much to be desired with weeds, litter and grafitti creating a poor impression for our visitors. What steps are being taken to clean up the road before the Games begin?

Roger will highlight routes across London that need to be spruced up for the Olympics.

Metal Task force
Question No: 2049 / 2012
James Cleverly

How has metal theft been affected since the creation of the MPS unit to tackle metal theft last year?

James will tackle the Mayor on the issue of metal theft. Metal theft is an important issue, as rail lines and power to domestic properties have been disabled due to the removal of copper wiring and the destruction of power cables, including in James’s constituency of Bexley.

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