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Mayor ditches police numbers target weeks after raising council tax

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Removes £38million from Met’s police officer staffing budget

Responding to the Mayor’s decision to cut £38million from the Met’s recruitment budget, London Assembly member Gareth Bacon said:

“Even for a Mayor who has rowed back on almost all of his major pre-election pledges, this is an astonishing development.

“Just three weeks ago Sadiq Khan announced he was raising council tax in order to maintain a target of 32,000 police officers in London.

“Today he’s confirmed he is removing £38million from the Met’s police officer staffing budget, meaning it cannot afford to recruit any more than the current level of 31,000 officers.

“Does Sadiq Khan think he can just promise whatever seems popular at the time without having to deliver it? This kind of smoke and mirrors politics seriously undermines the office of the Mayor and could badly damage public confidence in London’s elected officials.”

Mayor’s terrorism review has serious ‘lack of focus’

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On the release of the Mayor of London’s Harris Review on terrorism preparedness London Assembly Member Gareth Bacon said:

“Though the intentions of the Harris Review were noble, and it has some good recommendations such as the Mayor attending Cobra meetings, it has a serious lack of focus.

“Of the 127 recommendation nearly 50% are not even within the Mayor’s powers.

“We appreciate detail but this report on terrorism preparedness references police pensions, diversity in recruitment, and starting a fortnightly security services newsletter.

“Some complex aspects, such as merging the City of London Police and Met, are explained away in a single paragraph.

“The danger of a review that is so slap dash is it clouds what London’s terrorism preparedness priorities truly are.”

Mayor risking health of police and public over delay of spit guards

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The Mayor has put the Metropolitan Police use of spit guards under consultation without any adequate alternative or safety precautions, said Tony Arbour at today’s policing and crime committee.

Today the Met Commissioner said the only alternative to protect officers from serious infection involves the use of force against a spitting individual.

The Commission also confirmed that officers have been made seriously ill from spit and that when an officer is spat on they have to receive unpleasant and costly medical attention.

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Just two drivers caught smoking in cars with children since ban

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Figures in first nine months ‘show ban is unenforceable’, says London Assembly member

Just two drivers in London have been caught smoking in their car with a child since an England-wide ban was introduced last year, new figures show.

The legislation was hailed as a ‘tremendous victory’ by the British Lung Foundation (BLF) when it came into force on October 1, despite critics claiming it would be impossible to police.

Numbers obtained by Conservative London Assembly member Steve O’Connell show little is being done to catch drivers flouting the new law.

The data shows just two drivers were stopped by Met officers in the first nine months of the ban, despite the BLF claiming last year that more than 430,000 children were being exposed to second-hand smoke in cars every week.

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Police car crashes on the increase in London

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Data shows three-year increase in number of collisions

The number of crashes involving police cars pursuing other vehicles and responding to 999 calls is on the increase in London, figures show.

There were 1,748 collisions involving police vehicles responding to emergency calls between April 2015 and April 2016 – 256 more crashes than in 2013/14.

In 2015/16 there were 498 collisions involving police cars pursuing other vehicles – an increase of 64 crashes on the previous year.

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Better reporting needed to eradicate FGM in London

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Mayor challenged to act after ‘appalling’ number of cases in capital

Social workers, medical professionals and teachers need to help identify young girls at risk of FGM after an ‘appalling’ number of the crimes were reported in London.

Assembly Member Andrew Boff will be challenging Boris Johnson to take decisive action after it was reported that London accounted for more than half the number of FGM cases nationwide.

Between July and September last year, 758 new incidents were reported to the Metropolitan Police, compared to 1,385 nationwide.

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Sound cannon could be the water cannon alternative London needs

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The Home Secretary has made the wrong decision in not allowing the Metropolitan Police the use of water cannon. Not only are water cannon a better alternative to rubber bullets, they act as a powerful visual deterrent to violence.

Another crowd control alternative is now required and I suggest the Met adopt Sound Cannon. They are low cost, safe, extremely mobile, and would be very effective at dispersing a riot or violent demonstrations. Though I hope another riot never happens we must be prepared to protect Londoners against all eventualities.

4 out of 5 victims of online hate crime don’t report it to the police

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Police response to racial abuse and death threats online is leaving victims unsatisfied

A new report “#ReportHate: Combating Online Hatred” is calling for a national strategic unit to tackle the growing cases of online hate crime in England and Wales.

It was found that police forces lack the capability to properly deal with reports of directed racial abuse and even death threats online.

The report performed a targeted survey of over 200 purported victims of online hate crime and found that only 16% contacted the police.

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CCTV not recovered in over 100K crimes including murders, rapes and stabbings

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‘Digital map of existing private surveillance cameras¹ could help police solve crimes overnight’

Police are not looking at available CCTV footage for the majority of their investigations in London. New FOI figures² reveal that police are recovering existing footage in just a fifth of crimes in the Capital.Officers retrieved CCTV for just 23,278 crimes, compared to 118,287 crimes where footage was not obtained.

Roger Evans, Conservative London Assembly Member, who uncovered the figures, says:

“CCTV is everywhere. In 2007 it was claimed that the UK had 1% of the world's population but 20% of its CCTV cameras. While it is meant to be there to protect us from crime, these figures demonstrate that they are rarely used. Instead, serious crooks such as murderers, rapists and robbers may be getting off scot free for one in five crimes because the available CCTV is not even recovered. Acquisitive crime such as theft and burglary may not be sexy, but it is serious and can have a devastating impact. Victims repeatedly tell me that too often in spite of existing CCTV of the crime, no investigation using this evidence seems to take place.”

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