They’re against driverless trains, they’re against turning dead ticket offices into thriving retail units, now they’re against the night tube. The unions hate that the transport system is evolving and they oppose every money saving or revenue raising idea; ideas which would help lower fares and improve journeys for Londoners. This lot, with their anti-progressive attitudes, are only fast tracking their way to extinction.

One thought on “The unions hate that the transport system is evolving”

  1. London Underground staff in addition to getting free travel passes get 75% off on Network Rail travel into work. They can also claim expenses for using their cars, motorcycles, and cycles to get to and from work.

    It begs the question how many of London Undergrounds staff live outside of London.

    On strike days they have their regular rate of pay deducted for being on strike. They then do overtime at the overtime rate which is higher than the usual rate of pay, to get back money they lost during the strike. Despite claiming to have an overtime ban.

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