Testing patrons before entering London’s clubs could prevent needless A&E visits

Breathalysers should be given to bouncers to keep problem drinkers out of London’s pubs and clubs, Steve O’Connell will tell the Mayor of London today.

Local police in Havering and Croydon have been trialling the use of breathalysers on their high streets since early this year and sharing the devices with local pubs and clubs to help curb alcohol-related crime.

With a small amount of training, staff can use them to better evaluate how intoxicated someone is and decide whether to admit them.

Steve O’Connell , GLA Conservative Assembly Member of Croydon and Sutton, said:

“With Christmas parties in full swing and New Year’s Eve around the corner we need to become more proactive when it comes to problem drinkers. With a little training and breathalyser technology in the hands of licenced establishments, we can avoid trouble before it happens.Stopping people before they go one drink too far could prevent needless trips to A&E. This allows for safer pubs and clubs, and that’s a pretty good Christmas gift from the Met to the public.”

· Staff are loaned the breathalyser kit from local police officers, and are given training in how to use it in a sanitary way.
· The staff are made aware of what constitutes a high breath alcohol limit, about twice the legal limit for drivers (80mg per 100ml), but final admittance is at their discretion.