33% increase in domestic abusers in London over last 4 years
120,000 stalker/harassment victims each year need protection

Stalkers and domestic abusers should be added to the same database as sex offenders, according to GLA Conservative Andrew Boff. Andrew will ask the Mayor of London to take up the issue during Question Time at City Hall. There is a clear link between domestic violence and stalking.

Figures from the Paladin Service (National Stalking Advocacy Service) found that 50% of stalking victims were also victims of domestic violence nationally. Studies show that this particular type of stalker was also much more likely to be violent than any other category. In London 17,302 cases of domestic abuse were reported between 2010 and 2014, with equates to an increase of 33% in such crimes.

Andrew Boff said:

Andrew-opinion“The present situation doesn’t protect those vulnerable people who have been victims of stalking and domestic abuse. There is no obligation for these dangerous offenders to attend treatment programmes, or notify the police when they change address or name. Neither are they required to report travelling abroad or when they form new relationships. If these strands of criminals are included on the existing database it will go some way to protecting those who are at risk”

Laura Richards, Founder and Chief Executive of Paladin, National Stalking Advocacy Service said:

‘The register for serial stalkers and domestic violence perpetrators is long overdue. These are the most dangerous cases where offenders can escalate to murder and many women pay with their lives. This is about homicide prevention and a proactive policing approach is necessary. I am delighted to see that this has been taken up with the Mayor directly as he has lead by example to ensure women and children are kept safe’