Costly gold plated scheme will cost London £111million up to 2020

A new report “Free Ride” authored by Andrew Boff, Leader of the GLA Conservative Group, calls for the scrapping of free nominee travel passes for TfL staff, so money can be invested in providing free travel for firefighters in line with what police officers receive, with funds leftover to purchase more Routemaster buses.

Presently, staff working for TfL are entitled to nominate someone living in their property, whether a family member, friend or lodger to receive free travel on the buses, tube and DLR. This perk is not part of the employee contract and could be rescinded by transport bosses at any time.

The costly scheme is projected to cost £111,171,935 up to 2020.

Andrew Boff, London-wide Assembly Member, said:

“At a time when the public sector is having to make money stretch further, there is no justification for individuals who do not provide an essential role in keeping London in operation receiving these types of benefits. I would argue that abolishing the perk would free up money that could be spent on providing complimentary travel cards for firefighters who unlike the police do not presently get free travel on the TfL network. Equally, extra Routemaster buses could be brought into operation to help keep London moving. It is about time Transport for London cracked down on waste, and got rid of this gold plated perk”.

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