Sunday 2nd October 2016 at 21:30
Hall 6, ICC, Birmingham

For each of the last three years, the GLA Conservatives have run the same event at the Conservative Party Conference. Each year attendees have told us that our event was “the most fun we’ve had in” Manchester or Birmingham and “just the sort of thing that Conference should be all about”.

If you find that too many events at Conference involve five speakers speaking for six minutes each, followed by a Q&A where many of the questions are from lobbyists, whose concerns seem far removed from those of Conservative Party members: then our event is perfect for you.

Now clearly the best way to improve London would be to replace the Mayor with someone competent, who keeps his or her promises – but since that won’t be possible until May 2020, what can we do in the meantime?

Unlike the vast majority of Conference events, this one has no speakers and no invited guests. Instead, you, the audience, are invited to suggest ways to improve London, and the most popular idea wins.

The GLA Conservatives publish dozen of reports every year on how to improve London – with ideas ranging from why we should put defibrillators in phone boxes, to why we should turn traffic lights off at night.

The winning idea will be turned into a report that will be published before next year’s Conference.

Tickets are free – as is the booze – but space is limited. So if you wish to attend then please let us know, either by clicking attend on the Facebook event, or by emailing