Tony Arbour
12th June 2013, Economy Committee, City Hall: Tony Arbour, London Assembly Member and GLA Conservatives spokesman on economic development will today call for a minimum wage holiday for London’s small and micro-businesses. A short exemption of up to six months from the minimum wage could be the catalyst which transforms micro businesses into live enterprises.

It was recently announced that the national minimum wage will be increased by 1.8 per cent in October 2013. This is 50 per cent higher than average wage growth. The decision has been criticised by many business groups, including the Federation of Small Businesses, the IEA and the British Chambers of Commerce.

Tony Arbour said:

“A time of high unemployment, is not the right time to be pricing out those at the margins of the labour market. I think it is important to now consider the idea of a minimum wage holiday for micro businesses and start up companies who employ fewer than 10 members of staff. This will encourage these small enterprises to take on new workers.”

“The minimum wage can act as an inhibitor for small and microbusinesses and prevent them from taking the necessary risks to succeed.”

· Tony Arbour is Assembly Member for Richmond, Kingston & Hounslow and GLA Conservatives spokesman on economic development
· Tony will question Neil Jameson, Executive Director of Citizens UK and Neil Carberry, Director for Employment and Skills, Confederation of British Industry – at the Economy Committee at City Hall, 2pm