Following James Cleverly’s report ‘A United Emergency Service’ – which calls for emergency services to be based in one location – Roger Evans AM will suggest, at the Police and Crime Committee tomorrow at City Hall, that there should be more shared working between services.

Commenting, Roger Evans said,

“I wholeheartedly support the idea of getting emergency services to share property. Furthermore, I hope that this will result in more multi-tasking between the two services.

“Could emergency services coordinate community visits? Could police or A&E personnel travel in fire engines when required to assist at an event? These are the sort of questions we need to be asking.”

“If a police station is threatened with closure, then I want to see that front counter service retained nearby and this is the perfect opportunity. This would allow shared working practices to happen organically and it would also ensure greater public interface with the fire service and allow for a more coordinated emergency response between the two emergency services.”

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