An overcrowding test must be applied to new housing developments in London, says Conservative London Assembly Member Andrew Boff.

Under the proposed changes, ‘overcrowding’ should become a key factor when planning decisions are made, and developers should specifically demonstrate how their new housing projects will address overcrowding in London.

Andrew Boff:

“Around 120,000 households live in overcrowded conditions in social housing alone, including 70,000 children. It is therefore vital that we make the best use of London’s homes to help reduce overcrowding. One way to do this is to ensure that developers consider the wider impact of new housing schemes on overcrowding in London. This would ensure that they either build more family homes, or they demonstrate how building smaller flats will help people to downsize from larger homes that are being under-used.”

Andrew Boff proposed this ‘overcrowding test’ at this morning’s Housing Committee at City Hall.