Tomorrow morning, 23rd May 2012, members of the London Assembly will question the Mayor of London Boris Johnson on issues relating to his role. This is the first Mayor’s Question Time since the election.



Driverless Tube Trains
Question No: 1119 / 2012
Richard Tracey

In the light of Londoners recent endorsement of your policies, will you push ahead with the introduction of driverless trains on the Tube as quickly as possible?

Richard will push the Mayor on the timetable for converting the Underground to a driverless system. Richard authored a report advocating the change over to a driverless system which was subsequently adopted as policy by the Mayor.

Tax Cuts/Growth
Question No: 1133 / 2012
Andrew Boff

Your commitment to lighten the burden on hard pressed Londoners by cutting the precept by 10% is much welcomed. How does this fit into your wider plan to boost jobs and growth across the capital?

Andrew will question the Mayor on how he will exploit his new powers in housing and regeneration to help boost jobs and growth in London.

Tube Strike Ballots – Minimum Support
Question No: 1127 / 2012
Tony Arbour

In the light of Londoners’ recent endorsement of your policies, will you redouble your efforts to persuade the Government to introduce legislation to ensure that a strike ballot requires 50%+1 of eligible voters to support it in order for any subsequent strike to be valid?
Tony will hold the Mayor to his pledge to lobby the government for strengthening the strike rule for Tube drivers.


Question No: 1129 / 2012
Roger Evans

The new Routemaster has proved to be resoundingly popular with Londoners on Route 38 with people stopping to photograph it and actually Tweeting that they’re on board, such is its star quality. How soon can Londoners expect to see the fleet expanded, to what size and to which routes?

Roger will ask for an update on the role out of the popular new routemaster bus.


Tram extension
Question No: 1125 / 2012
Steve O’Connell

Now that you have been successfully re-elected and investment in London’s transport system protected from the threatened ravages of your predecessor, where can Tramlink extensions be factored in for Sutton and Croydon?
Steve will lobby the Mayor regarding extending the Croydon tram into Sutton which are in his constituency.


Diamond Jubilee
Question No: 1120 / 2012
Richard Tracey

How does the Mayor and City Hall plan to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and will the Mayor will be joining the River Pageant?
Richard will ask the Mayor to elaborate on plans for the Jubilee.


Silvertown link tunnel
Question No: 1121 / 2012
James Cleverly

My constituents in Bexley will be greatly relieved that with your re-election any threat of the Thames Gateway Bridge has finally been buried.

They and many other Londoners were delighted at outline plans you set out before the election about the construction of a new north-south road tunnel under the river.

Are you able to tell me of how the scheme will now proceed?
James will raise the issue of the new Thames crossing that is important to his local constituents in Bexley. James opposed the original idea to build the Thames Gateway Bridge which would have crippled Bexley’s road with heavy traffic.


Heathrow – 3rd runway
Question No: 1126 / 2012
Tony Arbour

Will you confirm your implacable opposition to a third runway at Heathrow?
Tony is opposed to a third runway at Heathrow, and will ask the Mayor to reaffirm his opposition to its construction in light of the Government’s review of aviation policy.


London Olympics
Question No: 1132 / 2012
Andrew Boff

Would the Mayor tell us what role he’ll have during the opening ceremony and the rest of the Games?
Andrew will raise the issue of the Games and its legacy.


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