home works
Roger Evans, London Assembly Member, is today launching a report “Home Works: Why London needs to expand home working” that calls for a step-change in TfL’s attitude to home working and flexible working.

“Even with Tube upgrades, the building of Crossrail and introducing more carriages on many mainline trains, the rise in London’s population is leading to ever more overcrowding on public transport. Clearly London needs transport investment, but TfL and the Mayor should also be focussing on what they can do to incentivise home working.

“One of the problems is that once people have paid for a Travel Card, there is no financial incentive to use it for less than 5 days a week. In my report I call for more flexibility on ticketing so that Londoners have the option of, for example, buying a three-day per week Travelcard. This would make part-time working more affordable for commuters and should encourage those who are able to work from home to do so more often.

“Oyster technology means this can be easily achieved. It’s time for the Mayor and TfL to make it a reality.”