Tony Arbour AM, the London Assembly Member for South West London, has called on Mayor Boris Johnson to support Heathrow Third Runway Referendums. AM Arbour was given Mayor Boris Johnsons support at the September 19th 2012 Mayors Question Time of referendums in every London borough on whether a 3rd runway should be built at Heathrow.

Richmond Council has already announced their intention to hold a referendum and the Mayor made clear that he supported this approach.

Commenting Tony Arbour said: “It is crucial that the Government understands the strength of opposition to allowing Heathrow Airport to build a 3rd runway. I am delighted that the Mayor backed the approach of London boroughs holding referendums on this subject and I’m sure Londoners will be unsurprised to learn that the Mayor confirmed that he would vote ‘No’.”

Alternatives to a Heathrow 3rd Runway

Mr. Arbour supports an Estuary Airport but other alternatives to a Heathrow Third Runway exist, such as Victoria Borwicks Virtual Hub proposal. The Virtual Hub is designed to alleviate London air traffic congestion issues by linking Heathrow and Gatwick via High Speed Rail, and adding a second runway at Gatwick to create a new 4 runway Hub Airport. This campaign also includes better distribution Air traffic across London’s local airports. The Virtual Hub could be a more suitable option to other alternatives such as a Third Runway at Heathrow.