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Dog-trafficking in London: New report exposes loophole allowing thousands of poorly-bred puppies to be imported from Europe

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  • Traffickers mass-importing sick young dogs for commercial sale
  • One seller linked to 834 dog ads over 24-month period with potential income of £1.3million
  • Most dogs trafficked from central and eastern Europe
  • Vets in Lithuania and Hungary admit falsifying information on pet passports
  • Puppies often bred in unhygienic conditions and carry hidden diseases
  • Owners tricked into buying sick dogs that later have to be put down

Thousands of sick and poorly-bred puppies are being imported into London from Europe by dog traffickers exploiting a loophole in the law, a new report has found.

‘Sick Puppy’, by London Assembly member Steve O’Connell, exposes the shocking extent of the lucrative hidden trade operating in the capital.

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Sutton Tram Extension: Mayor pulls plug on £100m funding

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TfL Business Plan withdraws cash committed by Boris
Puts future of transport project in doubt

The Mayor of London has withdrawn £100million of funding for the proposed Sutton Tram extension, dealing a devastating blow to commuters.

Publishing his business plan for TfL for the next five years, the Mayor said the cash would be reallocated but refused to concede the project was dead.

Instead the Mayor suggested money could be available through a central TfL Growth Fund, though the news has provided little comfort for Assembly Member Steve O’Connell who helped secure the funding earlier this year.

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Response to the resignation of Sir Bernard Hogan Howe

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At the last Police and Crime Committee, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime said that she had full confidence in Sir Bernard. What has changed in less than a week?

It has been clear for some time that Sadiq Khan would push out Sir Bernard, not because he has a better option lined up or because Sir Bernard had failed at his job, but because Khan believes that doing so would make him look strong.

This is the latest mistake by a PR-focused administration that will do nothing to improve the safety of Londoners. It is also yet another example of Sadiq Khan interfering in operational policing.

During his short tenure, Sadiq Khan has forced out two Commissioners of key emergency services, putting Londoners at risk.

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Just two drivers caught smoking in cars with children since ban

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Figures in first nine months ‘show ban is unenforceable’, says London Assembly member

Just two drivers in London have been caught smoking in their car with a child since an England-wide ban was introduced last year, new figures show.

The legislation was hailed as a ‘tremendous victory’ by the British Lung Foundation (BLF) when it came into force on October 1, despite critics claiming it would be impossible to police.

Numbers obtained by Conservative London Assembly member Steve O’Connell show little is being done to catch drivers flouting the new law.

The data shows just two drivers were stopped by Met officers in the first nine months of the ban, despite the BLF claiming last year that more than 430,000 children were being exposed to second-hand smoke in cars every week.

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Police car crashes on the increase in London

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Data shows three-year increase in number of collisions

The number of crashes involving police cars pursuing other vehicles and responding to 999 calls is on the increase in London, figures show.

There were 1,748 collisions involving police vehicles responding to emergency calls between April 2015 and April 2016 – 256 more crashes than in 2013/14.

In 2015/16 there were 498 collisions involving police cars pursuing other vehicles – an increase of 64 crashes on the previous year.

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Pokémon Go: Met could offer anti-crime tips at ‘Pokestops’

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Force could replicate Leicestershire police and take advantage of gaming craze

Neighbourhood policing teams in London could take advantage of the Pokémon Go craze and hand out anti-crime tips at popular game locations.

Players of the game are drawn to specific places such as parks or buildings where they can catch Pokémon or other items at designated ‘Pokestops’.

Community officers in South Leicester recently attended a Pokestop in a local park to offer free Smart Water phone tagging, which can help recover lost or stolen devices.

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Night Tube: Met urged to keep the peace at outer London stations

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The Mayor and Metropolitan Police Commissioner must reassure Londoners that quieter parts of London included in the upcoming Night Tube will not be blighted by increases in anti-social behaviour, says Steve O’Connell

The Night Tube, set to start operation on 19 August, will be transporting thousands of late night revellers to areas of outer London that currently experience low levels of anti-social behaviour.

Even with the announced increased policing presence focused in and around certain Night Tube ‘red stations’, Assembly Member O’Connell believes the Mayor and Met Commissioner should also detail how they intend to keep the peace in quieter areas of outer London.

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Penalty points handed to 15,529 unlicensed drivers in London

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Driver Graphic

  • One driver has 34 points on record despite having no licence

A total of 15,529 people caught driving illegally in London have been issued with penalty points despite having no licence, figures obtained by Steve O’Connell AM show.

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Announcements made on London Assembly committee chairs

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Conservative members have been selected to chair the following London Assembly committees:

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