Shared Estates for the Emergency Services

Shared Estates

We need to challenge the way we think about the Metropolitan Police Service’s (MPS) estate. If much of our police property is “quite literally unfit for purpose in the 21st century” (Kit Malthouse) then we need to think boldly and creatively about how the new estate will be fit for purpose, not just now, but in the future. This document does this by looking at whether the MPS should be sharing locations with other emergency services – the London Fire Brigade, hospitals and the London Ambulance Service – to facilitate joined up working to create a more synchronised, vigorous service.

This report will first look at what shared estate projects between emergency services are being developed around the UK. The national examples investigated in this document suggest that London is trailing behind several other UK forces in terms of the shared estates agenda. As a major global city where robust resilience is paramount, London needs to start leading on this front. This document will look at what co-locations are being developed in London and investigate the feasibility and benefits of implementing shared estate models in London.


Executive Summary of Shared services and estates Report – By James Cleverly
Shared services and estates Report – By James Cleverly


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