Equestrian Events in Greenwich London 2012


This was a campaign proposed in 2009 by Gareth Bacon to encourage LOCOG and the Mayor not to have London 2012 Olympic Equestrian Events in Greenwich Park. Though the campaign was in the end unsuccessful Gareth Bacon represented the local disent against using the park.


It is no secret that there has been much controversy over the cost and location of a number of the proposed temporary venues for the 2012 Olympic Games. However, arguments between LOCOG and the Mayor, or the Government and just about everybody else, is not what has prompted me to launch my own consultation with local residents about this particular venue. My motivation was twofold. Firstly, Greenwich Park is a fantastic local resource, and a unique historic location, exemplified by the fact that it is designated a “World Heritage Site”. Secondly, I am concerned from anecdotal evidence that Olympic organisers have not properly consulted local residents about the possible impact of holding the event in the Park, or ad- equately solicited their views on how to best mitigate any issues that could impact on their lives.

From the response rate that exceeded 10 percent, it is clear that local residents feel strongly about the event and its possible impact, whether they support the concept of it being held in the Park or not. It was evident that any consultation undertaken with local residents was at best patchy and selective, and that an information vacuum exists.

I hope this report will enlighten those involved in delivering the Olympics as to local feeling and concern, and encourage those stakeholders to revisit how they conduct consultation with residents. The opinions expressed in this report are genuine and deserve to be treated seriously by LOCOG, the Mayor and the professional sporting bodies.

From Gareth Bacon AM


Equestrian Events in Greenwich Report