#VirtualHub: An Alternative to a Third Runway at Heathrow



In this program Victoria Borwick, Assembly Member Londonwide is proposing a alternative to other London Airport schemes (such as An Alternative to a Third Runway at Heathrow) to alleviate London air traffic congestion issues by linking Heathrow and Gatwick via High Speed Rail, and adding a second runway at Gatwick to create a new 4 runway Hub Airport. This campaign also includes better distribution Air traffic across London’s local airports. The Virtual Hub could be a more suitable option to other alternatives such as a Third Runway at Heathrow.

Press Links

GLA Report Press Release
GLA Press Release
Kwasi Kwerteng MP writing a similar request for a Virtual Hub
Article on the Virtual Hub from Fresh Business Thinking


Infographic – A visual explanation of the proposal
Pictures of AM Victoria Borwick's Visit to Manston Airport
Picture of Victoria Borwick AM on BBC speaking on the Virtual Hub


Official Report – Download PDF here



Victoria Borwick, Assembly Member Londonwide – She is the member behind this campaign and is an expert on the topic.

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