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Tube Strikes: Mayor gives into unions demands at a cost of £68M

Against all evidence the Mayor is reversing decisions to reduce hundreds of unnecessary staff The Mayor has given in to union’s demands and massively scaled back plans to reduce unnecessary station staff at a cost of £68million. Following the closure of underused ticket offices TfL planned to remove 950 station positions at a savings of £50million a year. In an independent review of this decision,…

The unions hate that the transport system is evolving

They’re against driverless trains, they’re against turning dead ticket offices into thriving retail units, now they’re against the night tube. The unions hate that the transport system is evolving and they oppose every money saving or revenue raising idea; ideas which would help lower fares and improve journeys for Londoners. This lot, with their anti-progressive attitudes, are only fast tracking their way to extinction.

39% average union vote for strikes to go ahead

Calls for shorter working week and triple pay lead to 30 strikes over six year period – costing London over £1bn Strikes on London’s public transport are going ahead with small minorities of the workforce voting in favour of industrial action. Strikes on the London Overground this bank holiday weekend (25th – 26th August) have been initiated by just 43% of train guards voting in favour. Shockingly,…