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Uber ban could cost Londoners £90million in higher fares

Ban challenged by Uber in court appeal despite talks If Uber loses, Londoners face increased transport costs of up to £90 million A further £864 million in annual wages could be lost by Uber’s 40,000 drivers   Londoners could end up paying an extra £90million a year in taxi fares if Uber’s appeal against their ban in the capital is unsuccessful. The app-based firm is…

UBER: We need these popular app services to thrive

The Uber app is not a taxi meter and the High Court has made the right call. But, TfL bosses need to make sure that the proposed measures in their own consultation do not stifle innovation. We need these hugely popular app based services to thrive. The consumer would be best served by light-touch, common sense regulation. I urge the Capital’s businesses and workers to…