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Uber ban could cost Londoners £90million in higher fares

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  • Ban challenged by Uber in court appeal despite talks
  • If Uber loses, Londoners face increased transport costs of up to £90 million
  • A further £864 million in annual wages could be lost by Uber’s 40,000 drivers


Londoners could end up paying an extra £90million a year in taxi fares if Uber’s appeal against their ban in the capital is unsuccessful. The app-based firm is appealing TfL’s decision not to extend its licence and is involved in on-going talks with the operator.

But figures obtained by London Assembly member Andrew Boff showed that if a deal is not reached, the financial consequences for passengers and drivers will be far reaching. Excluding surge charging, the cost of an average 6.4-mile journey from Charing Cross to Hammersmith is £15 in a standard Uber, compared to £25 in a black cab.


With one million Uber journeys taken in London per week, and with black cabs making up 17% of all licensed cars, Londoners would pay an extra £89.5million if they used black cabs as alternatives.

The ban would also impact on Uber’s 40,000 drivers, who earn on average £15 an hour and work an average of 30 hours per week. Across the sector, an upholding of the ban would cost the £40,000 driver £864million in lost earnings if they are all put out of work.


Conservative London Assembly member Andrew Boff said: “These numbers may seem dramatic but they underline the huge economic damage this ban would do to millions of Londoners and thousands of drivers in our city.

“The Mayor repeatedly talks about London being open for business but this attack on consumer choice and value for money has happened on his watch.

“Having taken the terrible decision to refuse Uber a license, I hope the Mayor and TfL will now reverse their decision without the additional expense of a legal fight.”




  • Andrew Boff is a Conservative Londonwide assembly member



Cost to Londoners

  • Uber without surge pricing is 40% cheaper (https://www.valuepenguin.co.uk/gett-vs-uber-which-cheaper-hailing-app-london)
  • Uber online calculator for this: http://uber-rates-london-uk.uber-fare-estimator.com/
  • Uber's cost per mile in London for an UberX is £1.25 and £0.15 per minute.
  • If journey is from Charing Cross to Hammersmith (6.4 miles) it would be from £15 in an UberX according to their online calculator.
  • If done via black cab, it would be from £25, a £10 difference.
  • Uber’s app records over one million journeys made per week – 52 million per year.
  • If all journeys made instead by black cab then that's £520m per year.
  • Black cabs are 17% of all licensed cars, so if the swap to black cabs is proportional, it would cost London £89.5m in total.
  • Average PHV journey is about 6 miles from a 2009 survey.

Loss of earnings

– Drivers earn £15/hr after Uber’s service fee

– Average of 30hrs/wk

– 40,000 drivers

– So that's £21,600 per year in wages if 48 weeks worked per annum.

– Or £864m as a total wage bill not being earned if all 40k drivers are put out of work

Sadiq Khan wants controversial rent controls that ‘could cut housing supply by 50,000’

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  • Evidence shows rent controls cause housing stock in cities to fall

  • £4.5bn in rental revenue could be lost in London by 2025, research found

  • Despite weight of evidence, Khan backs implementing scheme


Sadiq Khan has said he is in favour of controversial rent controls in London, despite a weight of evidence suggesting it could cut housing supply in the capital by 50,000.

The Mayor said last year he has no plans to bring in rent controls in the capital, but today at Mayor’s Question Time he told Andrew Boff AM he wants to see the scheme introduced in London.

Rent controls generally involve stabilizing rents at the line of inflation. Research conducted by Mr Boff, which incorporated census data, Office for National Statistics (ONS) projections and Cambridge University analysis, found there were detrimental side effects of the scheme.

Citing a Cambridge University study, he found that rent controls could shrink the supply of private rented homes in London by 3.5 per cent, with 51,205 fewer homes coming on to the market in that time.

London Assembly member Andrew Boff said: “It is extremely disappointing that Sadiq Khan is willing to be so careless with the future of London’s housing stock.

“Our city desperately needs more homes and, having provided so few in his first 18 months in office, I had hoped the Mayor would do everything in his power to boost those levels.

“Instead he is once again happy to make a short-termist promise that keeps him onside with his party, regardless of the long-term impact on the city he serves.”




Police station closures increase journey times 400%

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West London: Journeys to police stations could increase 400 per cent after closures, research shows

  • Residents of Hammersmith, Kensington and Westminster face long walks under proposed closures
  • Some journey times increase by 400%
  • Fears over impact on vulnerable and less mobile


Residents in areas of west London could see a 400 per cent increase in the distance to their nearest police station under closures proposed by the Mayor of London, new research shows.
Sadiq Khan wants to close front counters at Fulham, Belgravia, West End Central and Notting Hill, as well as seven neighbourhood bases in the area.

Research carried out by Tony Devenish, London Assembly member for West Central, found some journey times will quadruple under the proposals, with Pimlico residents facing a 40-minute walk to their nearest police station compared to the ten minutes it currently takes.

Residents of Fulham would see their journeys double from 25 to 50 minutes, whilst those living in Kensal Green face almost an hour’s walk compared to the current 35 minutes.

Furthermore, the walk between retained police stations in Kensington and Westminster will nearly double to 1 hour 15 minutes, having previously been split by the station in Belgravia.

Mr Devenish fears the increased journey times could pose a problem for vulnerable residents and those with mobility issues.

He said:
“I am very concerned about the practical impact of these closures on people’s ability to report crimes in person, particularly those who are vulnerable or less mobile.

“Not only do police stations allow easier reporting of crime, they have a strong impact on the public’s sense of safety and can be a deterrent to crime more generally.

“Sadiq Khan claims to be consulting on these plans, but with meeting invites issued at just a few days’ notice it is clear he is simply paying lip service to residents who have genuine concerns.

“These closures will have a major impact on the people of west London. My residents deserve better from the Mayor and MOPAC.”

Walking times to nearest police station from west London locations:

Location Previous minutes to walk After proposed closures
Pimlico 10 40
Fulham 25 50
Kensal Green 35 55
Between Kensington and Westminster Police stations 40-50 75



–          Tony Devenish is the GLA Member for West Central

–          Mayor’s draft strategy consultation report on public access and engagement https://www.london.gov.uk/sites/default/files/public_acess_strategy.pdf




Uber licence: Statement from Andrew Boff AM

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– Mayor refuses to renew private hire firm’s licence
– Puts 40,000 people out of work with ruling
– Decision causes ‘major reputational damage’ to London

Commenting on the Mayor of London’s decision not to renew Uber’s licence to operate in the capital, London Assembly member Andrew Boff said:


"This is a hugely damaging decision by Sadiq Khan that will effectively put 40,000 people out of work at the click of a finger.

"The Mayor consistently tells us London is open but in shutting down the operations of an innovative market leader like Uber he has caused immense reputational damage to our city as a global business hub.

"With 3.5million registered users – almost half the city's adult population – Uber has shown to be providing a hugely beneficial service to Londoners.

"Sadiq Khan has ignored their needs and instead believed the smears and propaganda propagated by Uber's rivals.

"Yes there are elements of the industry that need tweaking, yes there needs to be a reduction of bureaucracy for black cab drivers, but snuffing out the competition at the expense of thousands of employees and millions of customers is not the solution."

On the issue of safety, he added: “All allegations around passenger safety, especially those alleging assault, have to be taken seriously and referred to the police but I would expect the same standard to apply to all operators.

“In addition, TfL must answer questions about why its background checks on licence applicants appear to be failing. Uber provides the platform but it is TfL that conducts checks on the drivers.”

Crossrail to launch on line that suffered 50,000 hours of passenger delays

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– TfL Rail will be used as the North-East part of the £15billion Crossrail project
– New figures show TfL Rail suffered 3 million minutes of passenger delays in 6 months, equivalent to 5.7 years
– Causes of delays included 'sunlight on signal' and 'leaf contamination'

The TfL Rail service has caused five and a half years of delays in a 6 month period, putting the future operation of the Crossrail in question.

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Ban strikes and let independent judges rule on industrial disputes, says new report

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– Assembly Member Keith Prince wants introduction of ‘binding pendulum arbitration’
– System would mean independent ruling on disputes without costly walkouts
– Report shows tube and Southern strikes would have been avoided

Strike action should be banned and judges should be given powers to rule on industrial disputes to keep Londoners out of the firing line, according to a new report.

‘Struck Out 2 – Judgement Day’, by Keith Prince, says recent costly and disruptive walkouts on the tube and Southern network would have been avoided if ‘binding pendulum arbitration’ was already in place.

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Mayor to host representatives of eleven ‘Israeli travel ban’ countries at City Hall reception

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Mayor set to condemn Trump’s travel ban at tonight’s event
Facing calls to also criticise attending countries that ban Israeli citizens

The Mayor of London is set to host representatives of eleven countries that ban Israeli passport holders, hours after rightly condemning Donald Trump’s own travel ban.

Sadiq Khan will use tonight’s gathering at City Hall, where ambassadors and senior dignitaries from more than 100 countries will be in attendance, to criticise the new US President’s strict immigration policy.

London Assembly member Andrew Boff believes the Mayor should use the platform to also condemn the eleven represented countries that ban entry for citizens carrying Israeli passports.

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BUDGET: Mayor puts Old Oak Common homes at risk with 40% budget cut

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Experts predict budget cut will impact major project

The Mayor of London has cut the budget for Old Oak Common by 40 per cent – despite his claims of increased spending – putting the building of thousands of homes at risk.

The project, which will provide thousands of homes on industrial and waste land in west London, has been handed £6.9million by the Mayor in this year’s budget, along with a £2million contingency fund delivered if they meet certain targets.

The Mayor has tried to claim this as an increase in spending, comparing it to the original £5.5million approved in the previous Mayor’s last budget.

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BUDGET: Mayor keeps ‘Olympics tax’ after Games debt is wiped

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Sadiq Khan using loophole to raise cash for his unbalanced budget

The Mayor of London is continuing to impose an ‘Olympic tax’ on Londoners – even though the debt of the Games has been wiped.

The tax, known as the Olympic precept, was set-up before 2012 to help pay for the Games and the associated regeneration projects.

During his electoral campaign, Sadiq Khan pledged to drop the tax once the funding was recouped from the taxpayer in 2017. However, in his first budget it has emerged he is continuing to collect the money.

London Assembly member Gareth Bacon says the Mayor is using a loophole that allows him to spend the cash on other projects, even though the Games has been paid for.

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