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‘Clumsy’ ULEZ extension will not tackle worst-polluting areas despite costing £780million

– Extension will only improve air quality by an additional 10% – original ULEZ will see 51% reduction – Projected additional cost of £780million – £220 per household – Money could buy 2,600 hybrid buses for same impact on emissions – Report calls on Mayor to keep original ULEZ and suggests alternative additions The Mayor of London’s proposal to extend the ULEZ is a clumsy…

T-charge will cost Londoners £23million a year for ‘negligible’ improvement in air quality

– TfL predicts just a 1-3% reduction in NOx (nitrous oxide) emissions – 9,000 drivers every day set to be hit with £10 charge – Small businesses with older vehicles will be hardest hit The Mayor of London’s T-charge will cost Londoners £23million a year despite having only a ‘negligible’ impact on pollution, it has been revealed. Transport for London’s own assessment concludes the £10…