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Announcements made on London Assembly committee chairs

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Conservative members have been selected to chair the following London Assembly committees:

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“Overcrowding test” vital for new housing in London

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An overcrowding test must be applied to new housing developments in London, says Conservative London Assembly Member Andrew Boff.

Under the proposed changes, ‘overcrowding’ should become a key factor when planning decisions are made, and developers should specifically demonstrate how their new housing projects will address overcrowding in London.

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James Cleverly: Let Crystal Palace reclaim its namesake for Bromley and London

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It’s exciting to hear about the bold new proposal for the redevelopment of the Crystal Palace site by the developer Ni Zhaoxing. The redevelopment not only represents jobs and growth for that part of Bromley, which has a real buzz surrounding it, it also represents an international vote of confidence in London. London showed the world in 2012 that it has the ability to deliver big developments at the highest level and this has spurred investment. There’s still a great deal of work left before Crystal Palace can reclaim its namesake but Bromley and London shouldn’t miss this opportunity to maintain this great international reputation.

New planning rules could cost councils hundreds of thousands of pounds

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Reforms to planning rules which make it easier for small-scale residential extensions could cost councils hundreds of thousands of pounds. London Assembly Member Steve O’Connell welcomes the new arrangements, which cuts red tape and helps families improve their homes, but warns tax payers should not foot the bill.

London Assembly member Steve O’Connell said: “Councils should be able to charge a fee to the applicant to cover their costs, especially if neighbours object and further work is needed by planning departments, otherwise these costs will fall on the general council tax payer. For example, even if the initial application is free but they should at least be able to charge if an impact assessment and decision is required. Ultimately, we must protect the tax payer from any further expense.”

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