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Police station closures increase journey times 400%

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West London: Journeys to police stations could increase 400 per cent after closures, research shows

  • Residents of Hammersmith, Kensington and Westminster face long walks under proposed closures
  • Some journey times increase by 400%
  • Fears over impact on vulnerable and less mobile


Residents in areas of west London could see a 400 per cent increase in the distance to their nearest police station under closures proposed by the Mayor of London, new research shows.
Sadiq Khan wants to close front counters at Fulham, Belgravia, West End Central and Notting Hill, as well as seven neighbourhood bases in the area.

Research carried out by Tony Devenish, London Assembly member for West Central, found some journey times will quadruple under the proposals, with Pimlico residents facing a 40-minute walk to their nearest police station compared to the ten minutes it currently takes.

Residents of Fulham would see their journeys double from 25 to 50 minutes, whilst those living in Kensal Green face almost an hour’s walk compared to the current 35 minutes.

Furthermore, the walk between retained police stations in Kensington and Westminster will nearly double to 1 hour 15 minutes, having previously been split by the station in Belgravia.

Mr Devenish fears the increased journey times could pose a problem for vulnerable residents and those with mobility issues.

He said:
“I am very concerned about the practical impact of these closures on people’s ability to report crimes in person, particularly those who are vulnerable or less mobile.

“Not only do police stations allow easier reporting of crime, they have a strong impact on the public’s sense of safety and can be a deterrent to crime more generally.

“Sadiq Khan claims to be consulting on these plans, but with meeting invites issued at just a few days’ notice it is clear he is simply paying lip service to residents who have genuine concerns.

“These closures will have a major impact on the people of west London. My residents deserve better from the Mayor and MOPAC.”

Walking times to nearest police station from west London locations:

Location Previous minutes to walk After proposed closures
Pimlico 10 40
Fulham 25 50
Kensal Green 35 55
Between Kensington and Westminster Police stations 40-50 75



–          Tony Devenish is the GLA Member for West Central

–          Mayor’s draft strategy consultation report on public access and engagement https://www.london.gov.uk/sites/default/files/public_acess_strategy.pdf




Uber licence: Statement from Andrew Boff AM

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– Mayor refuses to renew private hire firm’s licence
– Puts 40,000 people out of work with ruling
– Decision causes ‘major reputational damage’ to London

Commenting on the Mayor of London’s decision not to renew Uber’s licence to operate in the capital, London Assembly member Andrew Boff said:


"This is a hugely damaging decision by Sadiq Khan that will effectively put 40,000 people out of work at the click of a finger.

"The Mayor consistently tells us London is open but in shutting down the operations of an innovative market leader like Uber he has caused immense reputational damage to our city as a global business hub.

"With 3.5million registered users – almost half the city's adult population – Uber has shown to be providing a hugely beneficial service to Londoners.

"Sadiq Khan has ignored their needs and instead believed the smears and propaganda propagated by Uber's rivals.

"Yes there are elements of the industry that need tweaking, yes there needs to be a reduction of bureaucracy for black cab drivers, but snuffing out the competition at the expense of thousands of employees and millions of customers is not the solution."

On the issue of safety, he added: “All allegations around passenger safety, especially those alleging assault, have to be taken seriously and referred to the police but I would expect the same standard to apply to all operators.

“In addition, TfL must answer questions about why its background checks on licence applicants appear to be failing. Uber provides the platform but it is TfL that conducts checks on the drivers.”

Grenfell: Mayor refuses to review fire safety of proposed tower blocks

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Sadiq Khan dismisses request, claiming new buildings are ‘safer’

Tottenham block built in 2015 has same cladding as Grenfell Tower

No sprinklers proposed in 17-storey Harrow development

Sadiq Khan has refused to review fire safety on two proposed tower blocks despite growing concern in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

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Mayor has ‘torn up years of work’ with new Gallions Reach proposals

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– Anger over new Mayor’s lack of consultation over DLR extension

The Mayor of London has ‘torn up years of hard work’ by announcing plans to extend the DLR at Gallions Reach, according to Bexley and Bromley’s London Assembly Member.

Conservative Assembly Member Gareth Bacon said TfL had spent years working on proposals for new road bridges in east London, including countless meetings and two public consultations, both of which showed high levels of support for the road bridge proposals.

But all of that work risked being ‘blown out of the water’ when the new Mayor instead announced a DLR extension would be built at Gallions Reach earlier this month, potentially killing any hopes of a road crossing.

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Mayor breaks six election pledges in one day

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Broken Promises 2

  • Backs down on housing, transport, policing and green belt promises

Sadiq Khan backed down on six key election pledges in just two hours during his first Mayor’s Question Time this morning.

The Mayor of London was challenged by Assembly Members on several pledges made in his election manifesto and throughout his campaign. read more

Tony Arbour discusses London's choice with Heathrow Third Runway Referendums

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Tony Arbour AM, the London Assembly Member for South West London, has called on Mayor Boris Johnson to support Heathrow Third Runway Referendums. AM Arbour was given Mayor Boris Johnsons support at the September 19th 2012 Mayors Question Time of referendums in every London borough on whether a 3rd runway should be built at Heathrow.

Richmond Council has already announced their intention to hold a referendum and the Mayor made clear that he supported this approach.

Commenting Tony Arbour said: “It is crucial that the Government understands the strength of opposition to allowing Heathrow Airport to build a 3rd runway. I am delighted that the Mayor backed the approach of London boroughs holding referendums on this subject and I’m sure Londoners will be unsurprised to learn that the Mayor confirmed that he would vote ‘No’.”
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Boris Johnson's MQT Speech

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Mayors Question Time Speech

Mayor Boris Johnson

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Value for money and freezing the precept

Good morning

This administration has been dedicated to delivering value for Londoners’ money, and to leading the city to a strong economic recovery.

You must remember that in the last four years we have not only been dealing with the deepest recession for 50 years.

We have had to overturn and reform a culture of waste in City Hall.
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