James Cleverly: Let Crystal Palace reclaim its namesake for Bromley and London

It’s exciting to hear about the bold new proposal for the redevelopment of the Crystal Palace site by the developer Ni Zhaoxing. The redevelopment not only represents jobs and growth for that part of Bromley, which has a real buzz surrounding it, it also represents an international vote of confidence in London. London showed the world in 2012 that it has the ability to deliver…

Mayor’s “Pocket Parks” should become hive of activity to support London’s resurgent Bees

New report recommends that Mayor uses his schemes for new park space and tree planting to create insect friendly environment to help sustain resurgent Bee population. A new report “Thinking Outside the Hive: supporting London’s pollinators” is proposing a number of recommendations to help sustain the increase in Bees and other pollinating insects in the capital. Research carried out shows that there are plenty of Honeybees in…

Peer Courts can slash youth reoffending and revolutionise the way we handle teen offenders

James Cleverly, London Assembly Member, is calling for dramatic change in the way we handle teenage criminals. He will ask the Met Police Commissioner to introduce ‘Peer Courts’ – a programme outside the formal criminal justice system where teenagers, including ex-offenders, sentence their peers for minor offences. Sitting just beneath the justice system arm, they offer first time offenders an alternative to the criminal justice…

James Cleverly says the Metropolitan Police need New York style Predictive Crime Mapping

At the Police and Crime Plenary, Assembly Member James Cleverly will call on Boris Johnson to radically improve the Met’s intelligence system and introduce predictive crime mapping* in London. Commenting, James Cleverly AM said, “Money needs to be targeted at systems that can achieve more for less. Predictive crime mapping is a computer programme which allows police to turn up at an event and prevent…

Roger Evans to call for more shared working between emergency services

Following James Cleverly’s report ‘A United Emergency Service’ – which calls for emergency services to be based in one location – Roger Evans AM will suggest, at the Police and Crime Committee tomorrow at City Hall, that there should be more shared working between services.

James Cleverly calls for emergency services to share bases to protect services and cut costs

London Assembly member James Cleverly has called for London’s emergency services to share their bases for better co-operation between them and to make them more efficient.

James Cleverly says: there are no excuses left, we must introduce police body cameras into the Met

James Cleverly AM has asked Stephen Greenhalgh to introduce police body cameras into the Met. Commenting, James Cleverly said, “If we want to reduce paperwork and increase convictions we need to think creatively about ways to do this. Police body cameras have demonstrated that they can achieve both of these aims.1