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Metropolitan Line Extension £50million short of budget

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– Letter confirms project may stall if additional cash is not found
– Mayor’s fares policy could be putting £284million project at risk

Officials at Transport for London have confirmed the Metropolitan Line Extension is £50million short of funding.

The £284million project is set to connect the Metropolitan Line from Croxley to several new stations across Watford. The project received £49million from the previous Mayor of London, but recent cost projections by TfL show that £50million more will be required before it can progress.

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BUDGET: Mayor keeps ‘Olympics tax’ after Games debt is wiped

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Sadiq Khan using loophole to raise cash for his unbalanced budget

The Mayor of London is continuing to impose an ‘Olympic tax’ on Londoners – even though the debt of the Games has been wiped.

The tax, known as the Olympic precept, was set-up before 2012 to help pay for the Games and the associated regeneration projects.

During his electoral campaign, Sadiq Khan pledged to drop the tax once the funding was recouped from the taxpayer in 2017. However, in his first budget it has emerged he is continuing to collect the money.

London Assembly member Gareth Bacon says the Mayor is using a loophole that allows him to spend the cash on other projects, even though the Games has been paid for.

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‘Clumsy’ ULEZ extension will not tackle worst-polluting areas despite costing £780million

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– Extension will only improve air quality by an additional 10% – original ULEZ will see 51% reduction
– Projected additional cost of £780million – £220 per household
– Money could buy 2,600 hybrid buses for same impact on emissions
– Report calls on Mayor to keep original ULEZ and suggests alternative additions

The Mayor of London’s proposal to extend the ULEZ is a clumsy policy that will fail to tackle pollution hotspots and will penalise drivers and businesses in non-polluting areas, a new report shows.

‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, by Gareth Bacon AM, calls on the Mayor to adopt an alternative approach aimed at tackling the worst-hit areas where pollution is actually affecting people’s health.

A similar targeted policy in Oxford Street saw emissions fall by a third in just 12 months and the original ULEZ, focusing on central London, is predicted to cut harmful emissions by 51 per cent.

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Mayor ditches police numbers target weeks after raising council tax

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Removes £38million from Met’s police officer staffing budget

Responding to the Mayor’s decision to cut £38million from the Met’s recruitment budget, London Assembly member Gareth Bacon said:

“Even for a Mayor who has rowed back on almost all of his major pre-election pledges, this is an astonishing development.

“Just three weeks ago Sadiq Khan announced he was raising council tax in order to maintain a target of 32,000 police officers in London.

“Today he’s confirmed he is removing £38million from the Met’s police officer staffing budget, meaning it cannot afford to recruit any more than the current level of 31,000 officers.

“Does Sadiq Khan think he can just promise whatever seems popular at the time without having to deliver it? This kind of smoke and mirrors politics seriously undermines the office of the Mayor and could badly damage public confidence in London’s elected officials.”

Commuters set to pay for Mayor’s reckless TfL Business Plan

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Piccadilly Line upgrades pushed back four years
Long term borrowing up 46%
27% increase in long-term liabilities
Overly optimistic predictions on efficiency savings

Commuters are in for a rough four years after the Mayor of London’s TfL business model revealed plans for reckless borrowing and delayed investment.

Commenting, Conservative London Assembly member Keith Prince said:

“Since May we’ve seen the Mayor making wild spending promises with little real hint of how he's going to balance the books.

“Now we know why – he's going to leave the books resolutely unbalanced. This is the business plan of a one-term Mayor who is desperate to keep the show on the road for 4 years with no real thought for how to cope after May 2020.

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Use City Hall savings to fund card payment machines for London’s Black Cabs

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£1.6m could be freed from the Mayor’s Budget to pay for new taxi tech

Changes to the upcoming Mayoral budget should be used to bring card payment machines to over 11,000 cabs without this technology, according to Gareth Bacon, GLA Conservatives budget spokesman.

New card payment machines could be funded by City Hall back office efficiencies but also by scrapping the over generous TfL “nominee pass”, which allows free travel for flatmates and lodgers of staff.

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Millions pledged to kick start London’s self-build industry

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£5m new funding for self-build and affordable homes on disused sites

The London Mayor has promised millions of pounds to help people build their own homes on redundant sites such as old laundries, garages and store sheds in London.

For the first time, £5m of funding for self-builders has been secured in the Mayor’s 2015/16 budget by GLA Conservative Gareth Bacon.

The cash is initially expected to support the building of about 150 homes on disused sites, and will be given to mainly subsidise construction costs. Bids to the GLA are open immediately.

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Slash the cost of TfL perks and City Hall politics to help frontline workers, homeowners and taxpayers

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· 2015/16: Use £20.81m savings for self-build homes fund, panic buttons for Tube workers and further council tax cuts

Money raised from cutting the cost of City Hall politics and scrapping free travel passes for flatmates of TfL staff should be used to help council taxpayers, frontline workers and aspiring home-owners, according to GLA Conservative Gareth Bacon.
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Budget: £10m for council tax cut, part-time Travelcards and affordable workspaces for start-ups

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2014/15 costed proposals will slash over-the-top TfL perks and put cash into the pockets of Londoners

Money raised from scrapping the over generous TfL “nominee pass”, which allows free travel for flatmates and lodgers of staff, should be ploughed into helping council tax payers, commuters and start-up businesses, according to Gareth Bacon, GLA Conservatives budget spokesman.

The estimated £10m raised by cancelling the nominee pass scheme should be used to pay for the following tax-cutting and pro-business measures:

  • £7m to further cut council tax. A 2.2% cut for 2014/15 (compared to the Mayor’s 1.3%), accelerating progress towards the Mayor’s 10% reduction target by 2016
  • £1m to fund a feasibility study (including all technical assessments and financial modelling) into the introduction of part-time Travelcards and one-hour bus tickets
  • £2m to pilot the conversion of 70 empty garages into affordable workshops and studios for start-ups and micro businesses

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