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After writing this report and handing it to the Mayor on 13 March 2012, SCD9 were able to provide me with the data, which  I had requested in January, on 15 and 16th March 2012.

MPS – Human Exploitation and Organised Crime Command (SCD9) data on the number of brothel visits/raids.

Note: Important to note that as SCD9 explains below, their data excludes my request for all individual borough police raids and visits – such as the 80 brothels closed down in Newham over the last 18 months.

SCD9 response:

“To confirm, the comparison of two years worth of brothel visits across the Olympic footprint could not be completed. The data available could not produce a clear picture of activity. This was down to searching parameters being reliant on certain keys words being used (and spelt correctly) by the officers who would have visited each premises. These may well have been recorded but they may have not used one of the key words [brothel brothels massage parlour etc etc] in the text. Therefore there is no clear picture of an overall increase or a decrease in policing activity (brothel visits) from crimint. All we can say for sure is the SCD9's activity over the two years had significantly decreased.”

In 2010 (calendar year) SCD9 officers visited 173 brothel premises. For the financial year 2010/11 this figure is 149.

In 2011 (calendar year) SCD9 officers visited 74 brothel premises. For the financial year April 2011 to date this figure is 78.

Initial thoughts on data:

I am pleased to see that brothel visits by SCD9, while very high in 2010 as data in my report suggested,  have significantly decreased in 2011/12.

My report noted that raids carried out by borough police may be being mistaken as SCD9’s work. This is likely to be the case. However, it is worth noting that the report also found that SCD9 are sometimes involved in borough police work involving closures of non-exploitative brothels as well, which may not be included in the data above.

Unfortunately, because SCD9 was formed in 2010 – replacing the previous anti-trafficking unit in the MPS – they cannot provide figures prior to SCD9 so we cannot compare the 2010 figure with the number of raids in previous years. However, as my report notes,  I was led to believe by a number of service providers that raids and visits have increased significantly  in the last few years since the Pentameter Operations in 2007/8.


MPS Human Exploitation and Organised Crime Command (SCD9) data on ethnicities of those found via brothel visits/raids and via NGO referrals

Note: As my report notes, there is ambiguity around what constitutes a victim of sex trafficking. The below data however claims that “85 display indications of trafficking (74.6%) ..and [another] 124 believed to have been trafficked for sexually exploitation (71.3%).”

SCD9 response:

In 2011 (Calendar year) SCD9 have encountered 114 women in brothels visited, of which 85 display indications of trafficking (74.6%).
There have been 60 women referred to the unit from NGO's, of which 39 were confirmed as being trafficked.
This makes a total of 174 women encountered, with 124 believed to have been trafficked for sexually exploitation (71.3%).
Of that 124 the nationality breakdown is as follows:

The most commonly encountered nationalities are Romanian, Nigerian and Chinese. However, when referrals are looked at in isolation Nigerian is clearly the most prominent. This indicates that Nigerian trafficking victims are less common within brothels than, for example Romanian victims, and may suggest that they are either exploited for other reasons than sexual exploitation, or that they are exploited within other settings than brothels (Closed networks).


Note: I have put some of the figures provided – where the majority of victims are found by NGO referrals rather than through brothel raids – in bold.


Victim Nationality


Brothel Visits


Proportion (%)

Albanian 2 2 4 3.2
Brazil 0 12 12 9.7
Great Britain 0 2 2 1.6
Bulgaria 1 2 3 2.4
China 2 17 19 15.3
Columbia 0 1 1 0.8
Estonia 0 1 0.8 0.8
Ethiopian 1 0 1 0.8
French Guyan 0 1 1 0.8
Ghana 1 0 1 0.8
Guinea 1 0 1 0.8
Hungary 2 2 4 3.2
Kenya 0 1 1 0.8
Kosovo 0 1 1 0.8
Lagos 1 0 1 0.8
Latvia 1 0 1 0.8
Lithuania 0 1 1 0.8
Mauritius 0 1 1 0.8
Mozambique 0 1 1 0.8
New Guinea 1 0 1 0.8
Nigeria 18 3 21 16.9
Romanian 1 34 35 28.2
Sierra Leone 0 1 1 0.8
Sri Lanka 0 1 1 0.8
Slovakia 0 1 1 0.8
Thailand 1 0 1 0.8
Uganda 1 0 1 0.8
Ugandan  2 0 2 1.6
Ukraine 1 0 1 0.8
Vietnamese 1 0 1 0.8
Vietnam 1 0 1 0.8
Grand Total 39 85 124 100


Initial thoughts on data:

The data supports my concern that some victims, particularly from West Africa, may not be found by police raids on brothels, but appear to be exploited within closed networks. I welcome the police’s acknowledgment of this fact.

It is interesting to note that one third of all victims ‘found’ by SCD9 were not through SCD9’s brothel-related work.


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