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Uber ban could cost Londoners £90million in higher fares

Ban challenged by Uber in court appeal despite talks If Uber loses, Londoners face increased transport costs of up to £90 million A further £864 million in annual wages could be lost by Uber’s 40,000 drivers   Londoners could end up paying an extra £90million a year in taxi fares if Uber’s appeal against their ban in the capital is unsuccessful. The app-based firm is…

Sadiq Khan wants controversial rent controls that ‘could cut housing supply by 50,000’

Evidence shows rent controls cause housing stock in cities to fall £4.5bn in rental revenue could be lost in London by 2025, research found Despite weight of evidence, Khan backs implementing scheme Sadiq Khan has said he is in favour of controversial rent controls in London, despite a weight of evidence suggesting it could cut housing supply in the capital by 50,000.

Police station closures increase journey times 400%

West London: Journeys to police stations could increase 400 per cent after closures, research shows Residents of Hammersmith, Kensington and Westminster face long walks under proposed closures Some journey times increase by 400% Fears over impact on vulnerable and less mobile Residents in areas of west London could see a 400 per cent increase in the distance to their nearest police station under closures proposed…

Dog-trafficking in London: New report exposes loophole allowing thousands of poorly-bred puppies to be imported from Europe

Traffickers mass-importing sick young dogs for commercial sale One seller linked to 834 dog ads over 24-month period with potential income of £1.3million Most dogs trafficked from central and eastern Europe Vets in Lithuania and Hungary admit falsifying information on pet passports Puppies often bred in unhygienic conditions and carry hidden diseases Owners tricked into buying sick dogs that later have to be put down…

London on course for ‘charge rage’ epidemic unless demand for electric car charging points is met

– Report finds capital could have just one charger for every 15 cars by 2031 – Electric vehicle registrations growing by 172 per cent every five years – Calls for Mayor to invest more in rapid-charging points London’s roads could see a ‘charge rage’ epidemic if the predicted demand for electric car charging points is not met, according to a new report.