Like it or not, employers are going to have to offer more flexibility if they want to hire the best. It’s good news that every employee now has the right to ask for flexible working hours, but the Government should go further and implement common-sense measures to help people in their day-to-day working lives. In the Capital, the Mayor is listening and progress is being made. Thanks to my persistent campaigning, the City will see flexible ticketing introduced in 2015. I’m specifically pushing him to include a system of rebates for commuters, so someone living in London could receive a refund of up to £310 upon expiry of their annual Travelcard, if they choose to work from home – or walk or cycle – just one day a week. We’re now listening to commuter views through a 90-day public consultation. The Government should commit to rolling this out across the country. It would put cash back into home, flexi and part time workers' pockets and free up public transport capacity.

There is still time to take part in the 90-day consultation for Londoners. I urge everyone living or working in the Capital to have your say.