New Deputy Mayor’s 50% affordable homes plan made Islington 9th worst London borough

London could be set to replicate the ninth worst London borough for affordable homes under the newly appointed Deputy Mayor for Housing.

James Murray wants to impose an overall 50 percent affordable housing target on new developments across the capital.

Under the same policy imposed by Mr Murray in his lead role on housing and development in Islington, the borough became the 9th worst in London for affordable homes and 11th worst for overall housing supply.

GLA Conservative Assembly Member Andrew Boff fears the same abysmal performance will be replicated across London if Mr Murray insists on setting such ‘unrealistic’ affordable homes targets.

He said:

“It is a real concern that Mr Murray looks set to be tasked with implementing the same affordable homes targets that stifled house building during his tenure in Islington.

“London of course needs more affordable homes but imposing these kinds of autocratic targets will simply put off developers and send them elsewhere. This damages and limits the supply of varied housing this city needs and puts more pressure on the already-squeezed middle.

“I will be urging Mr Murray to reassess his affordable homes targets and come up with a realistic approach that will stimulate the building of all homes in London, not stifle it.”

Worrying statistics: James Murray’s record as lead councillor for housing and development in the London Borough of Islington:
· In 2014/15, built just 54 affordable homes, 11% of total supply. 500 homes completed overall, less than half of London Plan target. 9th worst borough in London for affordable homes and 11th worst for overall supply.
· Never reached 50% affordable homes. Was 29% in 2013/14, 30% in 2012/13, and 41% in 2011/12.
· In 2010/11 there was actually a net loss of 66 affordable homes, meaning there was -14% affordable that year.
· Overall, in the three years between 2012 and 2015, 28% of new homes were affordable.