Dear Mayor Khan,

In a recent letter to the Conservative Assembly Group Leader, Gareth Bacon, you wrote: "I have been very clear that I am committed to engaging with the unions and developing constructive relationship based on partnership, not division. Within the first few weeks of entering City Hall, I spoke by phone to representative of the RMT, ASLEF, GMB, Unite, TSSA, FBU and Unison. This was important to change the tone of engagement between City Hall and the unions."

I appreciate that Southern Rail and Eurostar are not controlled by Transport for London and therefore do not come under your remit, but it is fair to state that the actions of the RMT union do directly impact upon the daily lives of millions of Londoners.

You were quick to condemn the train operating company responsible for the Southern network, despite Govia Thameslink not being answerable to you. The GLA Conservative Group support much of the criticism you have made. But you confirmed at the last Mayor's Question Time that you had not spoken to the RMT about their disruptive action on the Southern network, indeed you dismissed the suggestion that you should.

You have repeatedly stated that you are "committed to developing a constructive relationship with the unions". It would therefore be entirely reasonable for the people of London to look to you to use the influence that you have, with your brothers in the unions, to intercede on their behalf to try to bring about a cessation of these disruptions to peoples's working lives and leisure time.

You have said, quite rightly, that you aspire to be a Mayor for all Londoners. It should therefore be a straightforward thing to pick up the phone or meet with your Union allies in an effort to facilitate an end to these miserable strikes. I urge you to please help all Londoners and speak to the RMT.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Prince AM
GLA Conservatives Transport Spokesperson
Assembly Member for Havering and Redbridge