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Sadiq Khan on track for worst strikes record of any London Mayor

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– Latest walkout means Mayor’s projected yearly average eclipses Boris’s and Ken’s
– On course to average 5.05 strikes per year
– Record set to get even worse with threat of Night Tube strikes

Sadiq Khan is on track for the worst yearly strikes record of any London Mayor, despite promising there would be ‘zero strikes’ on his watch.

The latest walkout by RMT and ASLEF drivers, on the Circle and Waterloo and City lines, will be the fourth overseen by the Mayor in his first 9.5 months.

It gives him a projected yearly average of 5.05 strikes – the worst of any London Mayor.

With the threat of further industrial action on the Night Tube looming, Khan’s record on strikes looks set to get even worse before the end of his first year.

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Tower Hamlets election fraud: Met suffered from ‘Rotherham Syndrome’ in failure to investigate

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– Police feared community reaction, says Assembly Member Tony Arbour
– Says Met has ‘serious questions to answer’
– Calls for Mayor to launch full investigation

An apparent reluctance by the Metropolitan Police to properly investigate serious electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets was a case of ‘Rotherham Syndrome’, according to London Assembly member Tony Arbour.

A total of 164 allegations of electoral fraud and malpractice were made during campaigning for the 2014 Mayoral election in the borough and the vote was later declared void.

There have been further allegations since and this morning the London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee heard evidence from several witnesses, as well representatives of the Met and the Crown Prosecution Service.

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TfL fares income down £90M due to fewer passenger journeys

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Transport for London has revealed its fares income is down £90million in the year-to-date, raising serious questions about the Mayor’s ability to balance the books.

Figures released at the February TfL board meeting show income shortfalls across all forms of transport;
Overall fares income down £90million due to lower passenger volumes
London Underground down £43million due to 14 million fewer passenger journeys than budgeted
Bus fares income down £51million in the year to date as passenger volumes affected by congestion
London Overground down £7million due to 4 million fewer passenger journeys than budgeted
Congestion Charge income down £6million due to lower volumes of chargeable vehicles (most likely people modernising cars)

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Nominee passes now costing TfL over £33million a year

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– Travel perk grants free travelcards for flatmates of TfL staff
– Mayor urged to give firefighters free travel instead at a fraction of the cost

A perk that grants free travel to the flatmates of TfL staff now costs London taxpayers over £33million a year in lost revenue, research shows.

London Assembly member Keith Prince wants the Mayor to scrap the ‘ridiculous and unnecessary’ bonus and instead offer firefighters free travel at a fraction of the cost.

TfL currently allows staff to hand out free travelcards to friends, lodgers, family members or anyone else living at their address(1) at a cost of £33.3million(2) a year.

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Tube Strikes: Mayor gives into unions demands at a cost of £68M

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Against all evidence the Mayor is reversing decisions to reduce hundreds of unnecessary staff

The Mayor has given in to union’s demands and massively scaled back plans to reduce unnecessary station staff at a cost of £68million.

Following the closure of underused ticket offices TfL planned to remove 950 station positions at a savings of £50million a year.

In an independent review of this decision, ordered by Sadiq Khan, these plans for ticket office closures were supported. Even with this evidence unions staged a 24-hour Tube strike in early January due to these changes.

Today TfL announced they will be hiring 325 new station staff, and this is estimated to cost £17million a year.*

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Mayor to host representatives of eleven ‘Israeli travel ban’ countries at City Hall reception

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Mayor set to condemn Trump’s travel ban at tonight’s event
Facing calls to also criticise attending countries that ban Israeli citizens

The Mayor of London is set to host representatives of eleven countries that ban Israeli passport holders, hours after rightly condemning Donald Trump’s own travel ban.

Sadiq Khan will use tonight’s gathering at City Hall, where ambassadors and senior dignitaries from more than 100 countries will be in attendance, to criticise the new US President’s strict immigration policy.

London Assembly member Andrew Boff believes the Mayor should use the platform to also condemn the eleven represented countries that ban entry for citizens carrying Israeli passports.

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BUDGET: Mayor puts Old Oak Common homes at risk with 40% budget cut

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Experts predict budget cut will impact major project

The Mayor of London has cut the budget for Old Oak Common by 40 per cent – despite his claims of increased spending – putting the building of thousands of homes at risk.

The project, which will provide thousands of homes on industrial and waste land in west London, has been handed £6.9million by the Mayor in this year’s budget, along with a £2million contingency fund delivered if they meet certain targets.

The Mayor has tried to claim this as an increase in spending, comparing it to the original £5.5million approved in the previous Mayor’s last budget.

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BUDGET: Mayor keeps ‘Olympics tax’ after Games debt is wiped

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Sadiq Khan using loophole to raise cash for his unbalanced budget

The Mayor of London is continuing to impose an ‘Olympic tax’ on Londoners – even though the debt of the Games has been wiped.

The tax, known as the Olympic precept, was set-up before 2012 to help pay for the Games and the associated regeneration projects.

During his electoral campaign, Sadiq Khan pledged to drop the tax once the funding was recouped from the taxpayer in 2017. However, in his first budget it has emerged he is continuing to collect the money.

London Assembly member Gareth Bacon says the Mayor is using a loophole that allows him to spend the cash on other projects, even though the Games has been paid for.

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‘Clumsy’ ULEZ extension will not tackle worst-polluting areas despite costing £780million

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– Extension will only improve air quality by an additional 10% – original ULEZ will see 51% reduction
– Projected additional cost of £780million – £220 per household
– Money could buy 2,600 hybrid buses for same impact on emissions
– Report calls on Mayor to keep original ULEZ and suggests alternative additions

The Mayor of London’s proposal to extend the ULEZ is a clumsy policy that will fail to tackle pollution hotspots and will penalise drivers and businesses in non-polluting areas, a new report shows.

‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, by Gareth Bacon AM, calls on the Mayor to adopt an alternative approach aimed at tackling the worst-hit areas where pollution is actually affecting people’s health.

A similar targeted policy in Oxford Street saw emissions fall by a third in just 12 months and the original ULEZ, focusing on central London, is predicted to cut harmful emissions by 51 per cent.

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