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Plans to close half of London police stations exposed in leaked emails

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Memos show front counters will reduce from 73 to 36
– Sadiq Khan’s team has been formulating plans since December
Includes discussions of how best to spin the closures to the public
Mayor used election campaign press release in attempt to pre-emptively deflect blame onto central government

The Mayor of London is set to close more than half of London’s police stations under plans exposed in leaked emails dating back over six months.

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Low pay will leave 30,000 more working families in poverty by 2020, report finds

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– Mayor should name and shame FTSE 100 companies that don’t pay the London Living Wage
– Over 160,000 Londoners are trapped in a cycle of low-pay work
– 70 companies on the FTSE 100 currently do not pay the London Living Wage

A new report is calling on the Mayor to help Londoners out of low-pay, and publish the names of the FTSE 100 companies in London that have not signed up to his London Living Wage program.

The report, “Rich City – Poor Pay: Ending the pattern of low pay in the Capital”, details the shocking increases in the numbers of low paid Londoners, and provides recommendations to help boost their pay progression.

The number of working-age adults in poverty in London has increased from 1.1 million to 1.4 million in the past decade. Working families were some of the worst affected with a 70 per cent increase of those in poverty.

Using current trends by the end of Sadiq Khan’s Mayoral term 30,000 more families in London will be receiving either Working Tax Credits or Child Tax Credit.*

Author of the report, London wide Assembly Member Andrew Boff, said;

“It is a travesty that over a million Londoners are working, but still in poverty.

“By the time Sadiq Khan’s Mayoral term is over there will be 30,000 more in-work families in poverty.

“The Mayor needs to build a targeted strategy that helps low-paid Londoners progress to higher wages, while also encouraging more businesses to pay the London living wage.

“There is no reason why some of the richest companies in Britain cannot pay their workers a living wage. The Mayor should be working to get every FTSE 100 company to pay the London Living Wage, and if need be, naming and shaming those who won’t.”

The report asks the Mayor to;
· Map low-pay hotspots across London, and target them with new apprenticeships.
· Work to provide business rate relief to businesses that pay the London Living Wage.
· Direct some of the new devolved adult education budget to low-pay hotspots.
· Lobby FTSE 100 companies, and subsequently publish the names of those firms that do not pay the London Living Wage.

The report has also found that making the London Living Wage a requirement for all businesses would costs at least £1.15 billion per annum. The report suggests a more targeted approach that protects small businesses from the pressures of higher wages.

The report: "Rich City – Poor Pay: Ending the pattern of low pay in the Capital" can be accessed at: www.glaconservatives.co.uk/rc/

Click here to download the report

Or to save it right click 'save as' on this link www.glaconservatives.co.uk/rc/

Londoners pay £18million a year in cash machine fees

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– Lack of access to ATM’s disproportionately affects low-income groups, the disabled, and the elderly
– Free cash machines should be included in all new major developments

Pay-to-use cash machines cost Londoners £18million a year, according to a new report.

The report “Cash for Access: Expanding the availability of new cash machines” calls for fee-free cash machines to be included in all new major developments across London. It also calls for free-to-use cash machines to be installed in public buildings and TfL stations to help improve access.

In the past two years over 40 bank branches have closed across the capital making access to free cash withdrawals more difficult. Many Londoners now live more than 1km from a free cash machine and due mobility issues are required to pay for withdrawals. On average people are paying £1.75 a withdrawal, but that can sometimes be as high as £5 or £10.

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London’s emergency services struggling to comply with Mayor’s earlier ULEZ deadline

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– Fire, ambulance and police services all say they will be affected by 2019 implementation
– Met needs to replace 82 per cent of its fleet – all of its diesel vehicles
– Fire brigade faced with paying daily charge on 52 non-compliant vehicles if deadline is brought forward
– Ambulance service says it will have to bring forward vehicle replacement timeline

London’s emergency services are struggling to meet the proposed earlier deadline for complying with London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), an FOI has revealed.

Information obtained by London Assembly member Shaun Bailey shows all three emergency services are concerned about the financial and logistical impact of a 2019 introduction.

The ULEZ will require all vehicles – including those run by the emergency services – travelling inside the zone to meet exhaust emission standards or pay a daily charge of £12.50.

Boris Johnson proposed to introduce the ULEZ in 2020 but Sadiq Khan has pledged to bring forward the date to 2019 and wants to widen the zone to the North and South Circular.

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Metropolitan Line Extension £50million short of budget

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– Letter confirms project may stall if additional cash is not found
– Mayor’s fares policy could be putting £284million project at risk

Officials at Transport for London have confirmed the Metropolitan Line Extension is £50million short of funding.

The £284million project is set to connect the Metropolitan Line from Croxley to several new stations across Watford. The project received £49million from the previous Mayor of London, but recent cost projections by TfL show that £50million more will be required before it can progress.

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Crossrail to launch on line that suffered 50,000 hours of passenger delays

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– TfL Rail will be used as the North-East part of the £15billion Crossrail project
– New figures show TfL Rail suffered 3 million minutes of passenger delays in 6 months, equivalent to 5.7 years
– Causes of delays included 'sunlight on signal' and 'leaf contamination'

The TfL Rail service has caused five and a half years of delays in a 6 month period, putting the future operation of the Crossrail in question.

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Ban strikes and let independent judges rule on industrial disputes, says new report

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– Assembly Member Keith Prince wants introduction of ‘binding pendulum arbitration’
– System would mean independent ruling on disputes without costly walkouts
– Report shows tube and Southern strikes would have been avoided

Strike action should be banned and judges should be given powers to rule on industrial disputes to keep Londoners out of the firing line, according to a new report.

‘Struck Out 2 – Judgement Day’, by Keith Prince, says recent costly and disruptive walkouts on the tube and Southern network would have been avoided if ‘binding pendulum arbitration’ was already in place.

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Armed forces veterans suffering PTSD need Mayor’s help to access life-changing assistance dogs

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– New report calls on Sadiq Khan to help some of the capital’s 5,360 affected veterans
– Loan-scheme could ease access to highly-trained dogs
– Canines act as effective alternatives to long-term drug therapies

The Mayor of London could support some of the capital’s 5,360 armed forces veterans suffering from PTSD by providing loans for life-changing therapeutic dogs, according to a new report.

‘Paws for Support’, by London Assembly Member Shaun Bailey, calls on the Mayor to use cash reserves and corporate sponsorship to set up an interest-free loan scheme that could provide the capital’s most vulnerable veterans with the trained pets.

The intelligent canines, which help in a similar way to guide dogs, provide reassuring personal assistance to PTSD sufferers and can even wake a sufferer up during recurring nightmares – a common symptom of the illness.

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Sadiq Khan on track for worst strikes record of any London Mayor

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– Latest walkout means Mayor’s projected yearly average eclipses Boris’s and Ken’s
– On course to average 5.05 strikes per year
– Record set to get even worse with threat of Night Tube strikes

Sadiq Khan is on track for the worst yearly strikes record of any London Mayor, despite promising there would be ‘zero strikes’ on his watch.

The latest walkout by RMT and ASLEF drivers, on the Circle and Waterloo and City lines, will be the fourth overseen by the Mayor in his first 9.5 months.

It gives him a projected yearly average of 5.05 strikes – the worst of any London Mayor.

With the threat of further industrial action on the Night Tube looming, Khan’s record on strikes looks set to get even worse before the end of his first year.

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