– Oversight Committee to investigate her appointment TOMORROW
– Comes days after Mayor defended her over offensive tweets

Controversial new Night Czar Amy Lamé was approached to apply for the job despite her offensive Twitter feed, City Hall officials have revealed.

A spokesman told LBC that ‘on balance it was decided that her previous social media should not count against her’.

The Mayor was last week forced to defend his decision to appoint Lamé over her offensive online profile that included references to ‘Tory scum’ and criticised David Cameron for using his ‘dead son as a pawn’.

The revelation comes 24 hours before her appointment is set to be scrutinised by the London Assembly’s Oversight Committee.

Conservative London Assembly Member Gareth Bacon said:

“This just drags this already questionable appointment into even murkier waters.

“It’s disappointing that despite being aware of her appalling social media activity, the Mayor felt able to appoint Amy Lamé as a close aide in the important Night Czar role.

“I look forward to hearing from the interview panel exactly why they felt her Twitter profile could be overlooked.”