• Estimated 25 million delayed journeys per year and millions owed in refunds, leads to calls to automate claims
  • Give TfL control of overland train lines.

Richard Tracey, GLA Conservative spokesman for Transport, will ask Boris Johnson what he can do to help overland train commuters claim back millions owed in refunds due to the high levels of delays faced on a daily basis.

Figures discovered by Mr Tracey indicate that an estimated 25,872,000 delayed journeys take place annually, with 85% of refunds remaining uncollected by commuters. This figure amounts to in excess of £56million a year.

Mr Tracey said:

“At present, commuters using the overland trains into London are facing unacceptable levels of delay as a common occurrence. Because claiming back for delayed journeys is cumbersome, millions go unclaimed every year. I am calling on the Mayor of London to see what he can do to encourage train companies to automate the process as is the case with Oyster travel, making it easier for hard pressed commuters to receive the compensation they are fully entitled to. In the longer term, these shocking figures makes a strong argument for the Mayor and Transport for London taking over the operation of the overland lines within the M25 and integrating them into the capital’s services.”