· 90-day consultation for Londoners over ticketing reform begins
· Mayor of London to ask TfL to examine how to encourage walking and cycling as part of 2015 flexible ticketing package
· Commuter rebates: £206 projected refund for zones 1-3 annual Travelcard holder

London’s commuters may get cash refunds on their annual season tickets from 2015, if they cycle or walk to the office for part of their working week.

The Mayor of London has announced that he will instruct TfL to examine how to encourage walking and cycling as part of the flexible ticketing package to be introduced in 2015.

The announcement comes on the launch of a report, “Commuter Payback”, which looks at ways to get more Londoners travelling to work on bike or foot.



The report estimates that under a system of commuter rebates, a zones 1-3 season ticket holder, who chooses to walk or cycle just once a week, could receive a refund of £207 upon expiry of their Travelcard.* Meanwhile, a commuter with a zones 1-6 annual Travelcard, working remotely or from home one day a week, could receive a £310.50 rebate.*

As well as a full consultation involving as many Londoners as possible, the report urges TfL to announce their flexible ticketing plans in full by October 2014.

Author of the report, GLA Conservative Assembly Member, Roger Evans, said:

Roger-opinion“These annual commuter refunds will encourage regular cycling and walking, and put cash back into your pocket for making those healthy choices. If you have a zones 1-3 Travelcard, and live somewhere like Ealing, Tooting or Newham, you could get £207 back once your ticket expires. It would also become easier for people to work remotely for a day or two per week, help make part-time work pay, and help ease the burden on a public transport system that’s coping with high levels of demand. We have a once in a generation opportunity to fundamentally reform our patterns of work and how we travel. That’s why I’m announcing a 90-day consultation for Londoners. I urge everyone in the Capital, whether you’re a receptionist, cleaner or banker, whether you work part or full time, as an employee, manager or business owner, to have your say.”

In a letter to Roger Evans, the Mayor of London said:

"As I announced in my Budget, I have listened to your arguments and decided to introduce ticketing products, which specifically address the needs of part-time workers in time from the beginning of next year. I will certainly ask TfL to examine if we can encourage Londoners to walk and cycle to work as part of this offering from 2015."



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Or can be accessed or shared with www.glaconservatives.co.uk/cp


“Commuter Payback” is the second of a two-part report series looking into making flexible working cheaper and easier for Londoners.

The first report, “Home Works”, urges TfL to introduce a system of part-time ticketing to make it easier for Londoners to work from home.

In February 2014, directly in response to the “Home Works” report, the Mayor committed to fund flexible ticketing from 2015, and instructed TfL to work up detailed costings for the proposal.


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