Hate crimes against migrants ‘unacceptable’

The Conservative group leader on the London Assembly has condemned racist attacks in the wake of the EU Referendum result and called for greater tolerance.

Since the decision to leave the EU was announced, there have been reports of a spike in hate crime across the UK, with two high-profile incidents in the capital.

In Hackney, a white driver was filmed telling another man to ‘go back to your country’, whilst in west London the Polish and Social Cultural Association was vandalised with suspected racist graffiti.

Conservative group leader Gareth Bacon AM, a supporter of Brexit, said:

“It is so important that the tens of thousands of European migrants who work and live in London do not feel marginalised by the Referendum result.

“We have thrived as a city because of our diversity. It is not right for anyone to treat the Referendum result as an excuse for racist and hateful behaviour.”

“It is more important than ever before that our European neighbours feel welcome here. Londoners of all backgrounds and political persuasions must come together as the UK takes this important step towards independence.”