February Live Tweets

Live: MQT began, Richard Tracey asks about TfL Transport investment. Mayor agrees that extensions needed if affordable. #MQT

Live: @richardbarnes_ points out that moral issues aside there are legal issues with LLW being enforced. Mayor salutes his work w/ LLW #MQT

Live: @JamesCleverly points out that on top of cycle infrastructure gov needs to reinforce that cycling in London is Safe. Mayor agrees #MQT

Live: @JamesCleverly asks about methods to tackle youth crime. Mayor states Time for Action, youth knife crime 1/2'd, gang crime focus #MQT

Live: @JamesCleverly asks about knife crime stat issues. @MayorOfLondon explains that some reported knife crimes are proactive arrests #MQT

Live: @kitmalthouse points out that proactive police action or 'police generated crime' change stats, but add to safety of Londoners. #MQT

Live: Richard Tracey asks if @factcheck article ow.ly/9aZ7u true. @MayorOfLondon finds its very accurate.

Live: Richard Tracey asks what benefits of TfL investment. Mayor says success of Jubilee Line, and 1mil passenger hrs/month less delays #MQT

Live: Victoria Borwick asks if ‘Games Lanes’ used during Olympic are adequate. Mayor confirms emergency blue light can use lanes #MQT

Live: @kitmalthouse speaks of emissions free taxi's which will be showcased during Olympics, to ferry ppl from Heathrow in green manner #MQT

Live: Richard Tracey asks what has been done for LDN to have more visible policing. Mayor points to increase in Specials and police patrols

Live: @jamescleverly asks why a Silvertown Tunnel is preferable to the Thames Gateway Bridge. Better for residents, good connections #MQT

Live: @andrewboff asks what crime funds Olympics host boroughs received. Mayor says none specific from GLA, but Operation Podium & SCD9 #MQT

Live: Tony Arbour asks about achievements new warranted Safer Transport officers. @MayorOfLondon 720 more than 2008, UG/DLR crime lower #MQT