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In this program we are attempting to make London’s Underground as efficient and reliable as possible by removing the train operator and moving TfL employees into a passenger service role. Driverless trains would also have the added benefit of removing the ability for strike action to halt transport in London.
In 2012 only the Victoria, Central, and Jubilee lines have driverless systems. These trains still require staff to open and close the doors, we would like to see that staff out of drivers compartment and out helping passengers.

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) has been driverless since it came into service in 1987, being driverless didn't mean that there was no human interaction but rather the DLR staff were able to move about the carriages and assist passengers rather than being isolated in a cab at the front. The new signaling technology enables the same to be true for many line on the underground.

A simple matter of finance and efficiency should be the impetus for driverless trains in London.

Many other cities around the world, which have both new and old metro systems, run driverless trains. Indeed it’s nothing particularly revolutionary in London either: the DLR has been driverless since the 1980s and the Victoria, Central and Jubilee are all highly automated where drivers no longer actually drive the trains. Once upgrades are completed the Northern, Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines will operate in the same way too.

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2010 Driverless Trains Report by Richard Tracey


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Richard Tracey AM – Conservative Chair and Member of the Transport Committee
James Cleverly AM – Has taken a lead in this subject and a keen interest in the topic



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Richard Tracey AM – Committee Spokesperson for Transport
James Cleverly AM – Strong supporter of the proposed service


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