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Why to Vote Conservative in the London Assembly Election –

With the London Assembly Election tomorrow the London Assembly Conservatives would like to remind you to vote and consider voting Conservative for a multitude of good reasons.


Great Work

In the last 4-year term the Conservative group of the London Assembly has put together some great initiatives through committee work and the work they have initiated on their own. Listing these successes would be too long for this entry so we suggest looking on four sources.

– Our campaigns page details the last 4 months of work.
– The website has the last for years of work for each member, and links to the committees they worked on.
– Assembly Member Roger Evan's blog which details several years of his work, along with the entire groups work.
– Assembly Member James Cleverly's blog also highlights his work along with the work of the entire Conservative group.



Our Constituency Members running in this election have more collective London Assembly experience than any other party. With 64 years experience together they have a proven knowledge of how to best run the London Assembly. We have 4 members that have been on the London Assembly since its creation in 2000, which is more original Members than any other group. Experience is one of the most important factors when looking at any resume and the London Assembly Conservatives have that experience.


Effective Mayor

If you are going to vote for Boris Johnson, you should vote for a Conservative Assembly. The Assembly has the ability to amend the Mayoral Budget if a 2/3 majority is met. Without the Assembly's support of the Mayor concessions to other groups may have to be made, and in the words of Roger Evans AM …

The Mayor needs to have his budget approved by the Assembly. This means that if fewer than 9 Conservatives are elected on Thursday he will have to do deals with other parties. With Labour opposing Boris and the Greens acting as an annex of Ken's campaign, this will most likely mean a Conservative / Lib Dem budget – a Coalition Mayor.

In 2004 only 7 Labour Assembly Members were elected and Ken had to do budget deals with the Green Party – deals which made his council tax rises even more expensive.




The London Assembly Conservatives have a great list of accomplishments, the most experience, and the power to keep a Johnson Mayoralty strong. So this Thursday May 3rd give them your vote.


How to Vote Conservative – An explanation of the London Voting system, and how to vote for the Conservative Assembly Members